10 Steps To Bomb Proof Your New Years Goals

10 Steps To Bomb Proof Your New Years Goals

How to Keep Your New Year Resolutions

10 Steps To Bomb Proof Your New Years Goals Yep, it’s here! Yikes, the second month of 2018. I seriously can’t believe it’s already February! Everyone is looking to create a new, healthy and balanced lifestyle in the new year!

This is when reality starts knocking on our doors again, sending us our challenges, distractions and the moments where we question if we really can stick to this years list of New Year’s goals.

And this is when the proverbial rubber hits the road. That’s why I have to share my 10 steps to bombproof your New Years goals.

Having goals is fantastic but being sure they are the right goals for you and set up with the right measuring tools etc. matters because as they say “the devil is in the details.”

By the end of this blog post, you will be able to go back and revisit your own New Years goals to be sure you have bomb proof goals locked in!

I’ll just share that already this year I have achieved two of the goals on my list (including having a regular breath work class at The Den in Hollywood, California!) and I did that by following these exact same steps!

I didn’t expect to TKO two goals in the first month but I’m beyond grateful I did because it just reinforces to me how truly important these steps are!

Before I dive into the steps I want to reiterate why I am passionate about goal setting and why it matters.

I believe we are all here for a reason, we all have a purpose, a raison d’etre and without goals to drive us and keep us springing out of bed in the morning our lives would be pretty drab.

Our world would be one NOTE.

Goals light a fire under our derriere’s; goals force us to be more accountable; goals teach us fortitude; goals give our lives meaning.

I feel if we don’t have things we are striving for, we get complacent and lazy, we lose that twinkle in our eyes and that fire in our bellies.

So goals —- well they just matter!


But the thing to keep in mind is that you can’t tie EVERYTHING to the achievement of your goals.

For instance, if you set a goal to lose 10 lbs. over the next 3 months and you only lose 6 lbs. it doesn’t mean you are a failure or a loser…it simply means there is more work to be done and you should revisit how your goal.

Goals are meant to inspire us to be the best version of ourselves but this doesn’t mean that who we are and how we are right here and now isn’t the bomb.com but goals just offer us an opportunity to go to another level of ourselves.

The best thing to remember about goals is they give us motivation – something to aspire to and sometimes we will reach them and sometimes we won’t.

But either way – the fact that we even try is what makes us winners no matter what!

Ok phew…well, I had to say all that because I know many people get so discouraged if they don’t hit their goals and my job (and I take my job pretty seriously) is to make sure you all feel successful, win, lose or draw!

So let’s get to it:

The first couple of steps I think we all know so this is a refresher but I want to cover them anyway.

These first steps are using what’s called the SMART system for goal setting.

I didn’t create these but the steps are fab so I’m sharing them here.

1. Be Specific With Your Goals

Your goals need to be specific! This simply means a deadline or amount needs to be attached.

For example, I want to earn $25,000 more this year than last year. Well, that is a great long-term goal but still isn’t specific enough.

A better way to state this goal would be I want to earn $2,000 more each month and $500 more each week is even more specific. And then be specific about how you will pull in that extra $500 a month.

2. Make Your Goals Measurable


The goal must be measurable.

Decide how you will you track your progress and develop a system or process for checking in weekly or monthly on your goals so that you know you’re on the right track.

3. How Attainable Are Your Goals

It’s got to be attainable. Say you want to be an airline pilot this year but you know you have poor eyesight and can’t pass a vision test – that’s not an attainable goal.

So, go after those things that not only light you up on the excitement scale but that are also truly something attainable for who you are.

When my clients tell me they want to lose 30 pounds in three weeks, I have to give them the real deal – that is not possible. However, I get very specific with what they want to accomplish, and we set measurable goals that are attainable.

From there, the reality of the situation sinks in and they become motivated!

4. Realistic Goal Setting

This one just means be sure you set your sights high but not so high that you set yourself up to fail, for example:

I want to climb Mount Everest in 2 months but you are 50 pounds overweight and don’t workout at all yet.

Not gonna happen. Aim high yes, but not so high you can’t succeed.

5. Is Your Goal Timely?

I think this step is similar to the first step of being specific but let’s cover it again because timely can just mean absolute timeframes for things to happen.

For example, let’s say you want to write a book as a goal – tell your life story, but you keep stopping and starting.

And you’ve decided this is the year you’re going to make it happen.

Then, you must set weekly deadlines for writing; for example, 10,000 words a day or 1 chapter a week and so on.

Attach very specific times/deadlines to the overall goal.

Now, this is where my personal steps come in…some you may be familiar with I just put my own spin on them.

6. Find An Inspirational Touchstone

This step refers to finding a person, place or thing that inspires you as you pursue your goals and make you unstoppable.

Place images of your inspiration all around you. In your car. At your desk. On your refrigerator. On your bathroom mirror etc.

You get what I am saying because without a doubt there will be days where life and reality get the best of you and you will lose sight of your goals, in those moments you can look to your “inspirational touchstone” to get you back in the saddle as I say!

7. Use Future Moments

This step I borrowed from my good friend and fellow breathwork coach Jon Paul Crimi which I also use it in my breathwork classes where I have my students reach a hand in the air and picture or visualize themselves already achieving every goal or big dream they have.

I ask them to picture themselves actually doing that “thing” or having that “thing” or being in that “place”.

What are they wearing, what are they saying, who is with them, what’s the feeling in their belly etc?

Basically, it’s a form of visualization –make it part of your morning meditation or your “hour of power” as Tony Robbins calls it, but start your day with future moments visualization and watch how quickly things start to manifest.

8. Positive Reinforcement

I try not to use the word affirmations too much as I feel some people get turned off and think it’s a bunch of “woo woo” so instead I like referring to this step simply as positive reinforcement.

The most important part of this step working is that you must pick statements that are in the present and the statements are always only in the affirmative.

Example; “I don’t eat donuts for breakfast anymore” is not as powerful as “I enjoy eating healthy whole foods every morning to support my body feeling awesome all day long.”

Or; “I will stop skipping my workouts and get to the gym.”

A better positive reinforcement is “I am working out daily and loving the feeling of having more energy in my life.”

Reframe the way you speak to yourself and the things you think throughout the day and you’ll be amazed at how fast goals get checked off your list.


9. No Negativity

This step is critical to your success because if you don’t empower yourself – no one else will!

We’ve all come from childhoods where the messages we received may not have been the best.

Or we may have had traumas in our lives that have left us scared and scarred to believe things can be beautiful and truly amazing.

But I want to challenge each of us to not let our past or people who didn’t know better with the way they spoke to us or treated us be the reason we don’t succeed in life.

We can’t let them or those things steal the joy and happiness that I do believe is our RIGHT to have in this life.

I think everyone has had his or her own share of tough times – but at some point, we have to decide we will rise up no matter what.

It must be job #1 to stay on top of the thoughts we think and things we let our inner editor say to us!

I find that meditation helps me block out the negativity and get positive. (Here is a quick guide to meditation for beginners.)

It takes time to learn how to reprogram our messaging and past doubts etc. but there are many useful tools that can help teach us all better self-talk.

I will go into these tools in more detail on another show but things like yoga, breathwork, journaling, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) etc. can assist us in shifting some of the negative thoughts that can stand in the way of us reaching our goals.

10. Just Get Moving and Eat Well

This is so important!

Sometimes the only standing between us and our goals is that we are paralyzed for fear of doing something wrong or the disappointment we might face if we fail.

But it is critical that we force ourselves to take even the tiniest little steps towards our goals because I believe that it is a bunch of teeny, tiny steps strung together that create giants leaps!

So to simply just get moving on your goals is critical.

I also believe that movement or action begets more movement more action just like the Newton’s Law of Inertia says “an object in motion stays in motions” so just get moving and set yourself up to win!

I challenge you to revisit your goals list and take them through this 10-step checklist to make sure your goals are bombproof!

The Importance of Meal Prep

When you eat better, you feel better, and when you feel better, you do better. I find that eating well helps me achieve all my goals!

And finally, I would love to hear from any of you who may have a story to share that can inspire others.

Or if you just want to leave a comment or ask a question for a new blog post would, I would love to hear from you! Now go crush those goals!

Please note this blog is also available to share as a podcast through my new weekly podcast platform with @microfitnow.  In this podcast, you will hear me share more of my background and my journey into this field along with my 10 steps for bomb proofing your goals. Check it out here and if you like what you hear please leave me some love in the comment section!

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