My Vegan Journey Continues – Week 3

November 6th, 2011  3:50PM

So it’s been about 3 weeks now of my new Vegan diet …and while I had intended to blog/journal online more about the journey – I let someone’s words on day 3 affect my process of continuing writing.  When I told this person of my new journey and decision –to blog about it along the way in the hopes that other people may be inspired or have questions answered or simply get enjoyment from reading – they responded with, “why would anyone want to read about what you put in your mouth?” After I got over the initial sting of their words, I then did the absolute worst thing I could do in that situation, I took what they said to heart.  I began thinking to myself, “yah, why WOULD anyone want to read about me and my silly eating habits? Why would anyone give a hoot what goes in my mouth?” “Guess they are right – so I won’t bother” And in that moment I allowed them to take away my power and instantly felt defeated.

Not considering that already by day two of my writings I had moved several people to act or at least to investigate further the idea of Veganism.  No, that held no weight – all I could think of were the disempowering words of someone who maybe didn’t want to read about my journey.  But that’s why there are choices in this world – freedoms to choose what you read and listen to etc.  So, after more thought about it, I realized my journey is for me and the writing about it is simply a form of expression.  Thus I am now back to the keyboard on this topic.  I simply enjoy writing and sharing and if along the way that inspires or moves someone – better yet!  So with that said, let me be clear on this message – don’t ever let anyone take away your power whether intentionally or as in my case in this instance, unintentionally.  I am sure my friend didn’t intend to hurt my feelings but I was not on my “game” that day and I allowed the words to sink in and hit me in the wrong way.  If you feel compelled to do something and it is not harmful to anyone – by all means do it  – no matter what anyone else thinks of it!  You are the only one steering your boat – sometimes co-pilots take us off course in our life – stay the course!

Ok – now that I got that off my chest – there is lots to update regarding my Vegan journey.  In case you’re wondering – let me waste no time in saying – I LOVE IT!  I feel so good energetically and spiritually.  I am proud of myself for taking a stand and sticking with it – and let me just say – it ain’t been easy (yes, that grammatical error was intentional).  Here’s the “skinny” – oh did I just reference something about weight?  Yep, ok, I was not trying to lose any weight as I am fairly happy with my physique (most days) but I did lose about 3-4 pounds while eating PLENTY!  This diet has no shortage of yummy things to indulge in –  the sticking point for most I believe is discovering those things.  So speaking of the skinny – here’s some of the latest:  (in an effort to not make this as long as a book – I will add more new finds/facts over the next week or so)

For today – I will address the biggest “burning question” I get from people, “oh that’s great, but how will you ever get all your protein requirements eating seeds and nuts?”

There are MANY tasty choices for good sources of complete protein.   I took a trip to my local health food store and explored aisles I hadn’t been down before and found many nuggets to make this journey fun, tasty and most importantly – satisfying!  I do want to enjoy what I “put in my mouth”.

Here are my new favorites.

SEITAN – made from the protein part of wheat – so note – if you have a wheat allergy this option is not for you.  But if not, definitely give it a try – it is like a cross between meat and mushrooms with a chewy, dense texture it tastes great bbq’d, sautéed or any other way you want to prepare it.

TEMPEH – made from soybeans though a fermentation process that creates a firm texture like a vegetarian burger patty.  Because of the way it is made it has a higher protein and fiber content than its cousin Tofu.  Can be prepared like tofu – grilled/baked/sautéed etc.  Flavor is again up to your palate.

TOFU – Most of you are probably familiar with Tofu and its taste.  Tofu is great for many things besides as a meat/chicken substitute in dishes. It can also be excellent when blended in shakes, salad dressings, as a dip for veges and more.  The great news with this diet is there are limitless possibilities.  It just takes a bit of creativity and patience in the kitchen.

BLACK BEANS (or any bean) with BROWN RICE – This is an excellent way to supply a “complete protein” source when combined together.  It is said that combing them together DOES give you all the essential amino acids we don’t produce on our own. Therefore, it is considered “complete”.  Not to mention – with a little Braggs Amino Acids and some hijiki (seaweed) on top – it is very very tasty!  Probably one of my all time favorite vegan dishes.

So that’s enough for today’s blogging…just wanted to get my feet “wet” again and let any of you who were following the journey know – I’m back!  So stay tuned for more next time when I will share some great Vegan treats!!!!

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