5 Steps To Overcome Your Fears And Crush Your Bucket List

Make Fear Your Friend

 F.  E.  A.  R. 

It’s that four-letter word that can make all the difference between a happy, fulfilled life and a life filled with regrets.

Whether it’s a fitness, career, relationship, financial or spiritual goal that’s on your “bucket list” for life, we often times encounter fears which seem to pop right up in our face and tell us – We Can’t – We Shouldn’t – We’ll Fail – We’ll Lose – We’ll Regret it…Stop!

As a retort we’ve all heard or been told “face your fear and do it anyway” or as Tony Robbins says, fear is simply False Evidence Appearing Real.

These sayings are great and make wonderful bumper stickers, but what about using some proactive steps for facing your fears in lieu of a bumper sticker?

Here are five steps to help you push through the fear standing between you and the goals on your bucket list.

1. Examine Your Fear

Re-examine why you want the goal. Really break it down and be certain the reasons you’re choosing this goal support the bigger picture, your growth as a person or offer a wonderful challenge to your spiritual and emotional wellness.

Or support you simply becoming a healthier version of yourself.


 2. Number Them

List the reasons why you could potentially fail, then number them from 1-10 as to how realistic it is that this could happen. Not only will this help you determine if you are being a realist but when we think in numbers we tend to trigger a different part of our brain and this will shift your anxiety about the fear and allow you to get calm in the present moment.

 3. Just Breathe Through the Fear

Use your breath. Quick, shallow breaths make the fear and anxiety greater, so getting the breath under control is crucial.  Think SLOW – DEEP – BREATHS.


Start with a deep breath in to a count of 5, then slowly breathe out to the count of 10.  Or some variation of this breath cycle.  Keep in mind that the exhale should always be longer than the inhale.

When you can learn to use your breath to your advantage, it truly is like magic. There’s a reason the saying JUST BREATHE is so popular…it works.

4. Visualize Success

Picture the worst thing that could happen if you failed at your goal and play it out.  It may not look as bad as you thought.

Then picture yourself reaching the goal – maybe it’s walking on stage to your first fitness competition or crossing the finish line in a marathon or giving your first public speech.

Whatever it is, picture it being wildly successful and as a final touch (and this is most important) see yourself there at the “finish line” cheering yourself on and congratulating YOU for achieving the goal.

It’s important to remember that goals are meant for us, for our growth and for our spirit, therefore we need to remember – we really can and should be our own best cheerleader.

5. Have No Regrets

And finally, the only real feeling that’s ultimately worse than failing, being rejected or losing, is the nagging reminder that will stay with you for the rest of your life if you don’t conquer your fears.

The feeling of never going for it and always wondering what if?

So remember, succeeding at the goal isn’t really what matters – what matters and what will be monumental in your growth is that you DID it. You didn’t let fear stop you!

So remember, succeeding at the goal isn’t really what matters – what matters and what will be monumental in your growth is that you DID it. You didn’t let fear stop you!

What fitness, career or personal goals are on your bucket list? Pick one or several and use the above 5 steps to overcome your fears all the way to the finish line!


Rebecca Kordeki

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