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Butt Lifting Moves

Booty Slide® “7 Moves in 7 Minutes” To Lift Your Butt

We all know there is truly no quick “fix” to lift, shape and firm the lower body, but the good news is, there certainly is a way to make it happen faster. Surgery-free zone ahead! What follows is the cheapest “butt lift” you will ever get.  Now that you have purchased your Booty Slide® patented Booties and “7 Moves in 7 Minutes “DVD you are half way there.  If you have not yet purchased the Booty Slide Booties and DVD, click here.

If you are truly looking to GET LIFTED® where your gluteus maximus, otherwise know as your butt, is concerned, then look no further.  As a bonus, along the way, these moves will also strengthen and tighten your core!

My new fitness workout Booty Slide® (also now a new class exclusively at Crunch Gym) allows women/men of all ages, shapes and sizes to truly LIFT, SHAPE and FIRM their entire body with a focus on the butt.  In this blog, I will expand on 3 of my favorite moves from the Booty Slide® “7 Moves in 7 Minutes” DVD (released in January 2010).  Follow the recommended repetition numbers and sets. With consistency and diligence (of course along with proper diet) you will see changes in less than 2 weeks.

Remember – Always begin by warming up for at least 10 minutes. You should be sure to break a light sweat before diving (sliding) in.

Booty Slide® Position #1 – Standing

NOTE: This is only one of four of the Booty Slide® positions.

Proper Alignment and Posture: With the “booties” on your feet stand up

tall with a “neutral” (straight) back, head erect and a slight bend in your knees.  Press both feet firmly into the floor. In the “Standing” position the first thing you should do is become familiar with what it feels like to be slightly unstable due to the slickness of the Booties.   Engage with the floor surface beneath you.  Press through the center of your left foot and then press through the center of your right foot.    Feel your core engage to stabilize and ground you.  Now press through the heel of each foot, again feel your body’s reaction to the “Booties”.



Exercise #1 – The Booty Slider

Press hands together (Namaste) out in front of your chest. Be sure to press with firmness so that feel your chest muscles flex/tighten. This is an isometric exercise. We do this so we engage our upper body muscles throughout the lower body moves. Now with this part of the movement active, let’s add the lower body part of the exercise.

Slide your right leg back.  Be sure that while you slide, you are pressing FIRMLY through the ball of your right foot.  Think, “push the floor away” as you slide.  Bend the left (front) leg to a 90-degree angle and press firmly into the floor with the heel of the front foot.  This is your stabilizing leg.  As you slide, maintain a slight bend in the right leg, and keep the knee of the front (left) leg behind the toes for proper alignment.  With the right leg extended far behind you, continue pressing the ball of the right foot into the floor as you now “pull the floor” (and your foot) back to your original standing position. In essence you are “pushing” the floor away to start and then “pulling” the floor to you to finish.

Complete 10 reps on the right leg and then repeat 10 reps on the left leg. Remember to keep pressing your hands firmly together for upper body involvement.   Also, be sure that you keep your chest up and belly in. Do 2 sets on both legs.

Exercise #2: Ice Scrapers

Again let’s engage the chest, shoulders and arms.  Take your left hand and make a fist, press the left fist into the palm of your right hand.   Press firmly.  Isometrics are excellent for shaping and toning all parts of the body. Now, let’s add the second exercise for shaping and firming your butt.

With your left foot pressing firmly into the floor as your foundation, begin to slide your right leg out to the side at a 45-degree angle from your midline.  Remember to “push the floor away” with your foot flat as you slide out.  Stop when your leg has extended out fully.  The left leg should be bent at a 90-degree angle (knee behind the toes for alignment).  Press into the floor with the heel of your left leg for stabilization. Turn to the inside edge of the right foot and press firmly into the floor, imagine “scraping ice” off your windshield, as you slide back to meet the other foot. Repeat 10 times.  Do 2 sets on both legs.

Exercise #3 – Plie Pop

From your standing position and with hands on your hips or out in front clasped over each other, turn your toes out just a bit and bend your knees slightly.  From this Plie position press through the middle of each foot firmly and equally, then slide your feet apart just beyond hips width distance.  With the toes turned out, pulse for two reps – pause – then, squeeze and pop (plyometric style) your heels back together. Repeat 8 times.  Do 2 sets.  Be sure to keep proper form and balance on each rep.

Do 2-3 sets of all 3 exercises 2 times a week to start.  These moves will definitely lift, shape and firm your backside while never having to leave your home or use cumbersome equipment.  Just YOU, your bodyweight and a pair of booties! Dig in and take charge of the shape of your backside!  Afterall, in 2010, BUNS are the new ABs!

Advanced: Tempo – Try varying the tempo (speed) of each exercise.  Quicker reps will provide an extra cardio blast, while slower reps will allow for greater focus as well as quality of movement.

Add reps – Work up to doing 3 sets of 20 repetitions on each side.  For Plie Pops – work up to 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

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