7 Things You Can Do This Holiday Season To Tip The Scale In Your Favor

7 Things You Can Do This Holiday Season To Tip The Scale In Your Favor

It goes without saying that from now until January 1st – New Year’s Day (and probably a few weeks after) two of the hottest topics of discussion will be losing weight AND gaining weight during the Holidays.

Along the way, people everywhere will be scouring the Internet for tips and tricks on how to steer clear of the Holiday “10” (just made that up) but come on, we all think about extra weight sneaking up on us after overindulging at all the various Holiday celebrations over the next couple of weeks. So, I thought I would save you some time and compile a short and sweet list of 7 things you can do this Holiday Season to tip the scale in your favor to allow you to spend more time enjoying the Holidays and less time self beating once they have come and gone!


1. Create a vision board NOW for what your fitness and body image goals are for 2016 so it stays present in your subconscious as you start making your rounds to parties

2. Start upping your workout intensity by 20-30% every session between now and New Year’s Day

3. Add an extra day of cardio and make it a HIIT training session. This means while it is an extra day that you may not feel you have time for, you can get more “bang for your buck” by doing more (high intensity) in less time

4. Make a pact with yourself that you will have either 1 dessert or 1 extra drink but not both at each party you attend. Or only indulge in desserts at every other party not EVERY party

5. Have a healthy meal and at least 16 oz. of water water 1 hour before you attend any Holiday parties so you are less likely to overindulge

6. Find a health conscious fitness buddy to attend Holiday parties with or to just check in with so you have a tag team system in place to keep each other accountable for staying on track during the holidays

7. Finally, if you do overindulge don’t jump ship and think all is lost, as my motto states Forgive Often – dust yourself off and get back on track

With all that said, I still want you to go a little crazy and have tons of fun celebrating over the next month or so, but do it with some boundaries and forethought so that when January 1st rolls around you have a jump start on any new fitness goals you want to pursue for 2016!

Move More. Eat Better. Forgive Often.

Rebecca Kordeki

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