7 Ways To Find Your Fitness Motivation

Why is it that some people always seem to be motivated and can maintain their diet and fitness goals and others just can’t seem to stop falling off the fitness “wagon”?

The short answer is that it’s different for each person. Some people struggle with carving out time in their day, others struggle with not enjoying restricting their diet and dislike working out.  Still others enjoy socializing or sleeping more than hitting the gym.

Whatever your reason for lack of fitness motivation – here’s a quick list of things you can do when you’re struggling to find your fitness motivation otherwise known as fitness mo-jo!

1. Pick a goal AND write it down

Write it down and plaster it everywhere. On your fridge, your bathroom mirror and you can even make it your screensaver on your computer. What’s written is more likely to be achieved. It’s a fact.

2. Visualize it

As an exercise in reverse psychology take a minute and picture the alternative – you as your unhealthy and overweight self in your golden years.

Feel what that will feel like. How will you move through life, what will your body feel like, how will you experience everyday activities? Now, flip it! Picture yourself in your dream body, with a perfect bill of health, vibrant and full of energy.

Picture a day in the life of your “healthy self” and visualize the power of living like that.

3. Enlist help

Get a buddy system in place. Once you commit to being one half of a “team” you will feel a sense of responsibility to show up for scheduled workouts.

Who makes the best “buddy”? Enlist any of these: a friend, your spouse, your partner, co-worker or even one of your kids (if they’re old enough).

4. Mix it up

I can’t stress this one enough.  Don’t get stuck in the same, stagnant routine. Not only does your body adapt and plateau it’s not great for your brain.

Repetition can lead to boredom.

Avoid boredom and plateaus by keeping your workouts fresh. If you always SPIN – try a Kickbox cardio class, if you always lift weights try a Yoga class or Booty Slide.

Your body and mind will thank you.

5. Find fitspiration

Read fitness magazines or online blogs and find some #fitspo.

Pull images of your ideal body type, workout challenges or new upcoming races that light you up. If you aren’t excited about your goals it’s hard to stick to them.

6. Set up a reward system

Sorry, but I don’t mean this as a get out jail free card in the kitchen after you complete a workout.

I’m referring here to a system where if you stick with your workout routine and you eat a clean diet for 2 weeks you book yourself a massage.

Or, if you commit to trying a couple of new challenging classes during an upcoming month you buy yourself a new pair of shoes or great new outfit.

Sad but true – rewards and bribery always work.

7. DVDs and fitness channels

DVDs are a great way to sneak in a workout when time is short.

Create a great library of DVDs like Yoga, Kettlebells, TRX, P90x and Booty Slide. Choose DVDs you enjoy and will stick with.

Check out cool YouTube channels like BeFit, Daily Burn and Fitocracy for a variety of fun, challenging and express workouts that you can do anytime via your computer or smartphone.

I always say that setting yourself up for success is the best way to ensure a WIN!

I hope these 7 tips will help keep you on track and if you’ve already fallen off the fitness wagon so what, dust off and get back on!


Rebecca Kordeki

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