Hi! I just want to take a few moments and say thank you for stopping by. Since I know there are hundreds –heck even thousands! — of so-called fitness experts, trainers, and coaches out there, especially with all of the pop-up fitness “stars” now on Instagram & other social media outlets, I truly appreciate you taking time to learn more about me and my journey.

To be clear, nope, I am not an overnight fitness star. I am someone who has lived and breathed fitness, health, and the psychology of it all for over 20 years.

I am someone who has put in thousands of hours, not only with clients and groups, but personally through research, workshops, and my own trial and error, to uncover and discover the best methods for creating strong & functionally fit bodies.

Along this journey, I have also learned the importance of caring for the mental and spiritual aspects to create a lasting and joyful relationship with our bodies and minds, both internally and externally.

Over the years, my clients have lost hundreds of pounds while reshaping and sculpting their bodies. In many cases, they have also shed some of the limiting behaviors that were sometimes holding them back in their personal and social lives.

For some some clients our work together has improved their professional athletic careers, for others our work has allowed them to extend their artistic careers on stage: they’ve become more agile and increased their stamina for the demands of their craft. For others, our work has simply allowed them to strongly show up for everyday life with robust energy and a more functionally fit physique!

As we have worked to create their functionally fit and toned bodies, many of my clients tell me they have gained self-confidence, feel empowered and have a zest for life that they never knew before.

How have I been able to do this? I feel a bit lucky because I have an “edge” in this industry, being mainly that I didn’t ever expect to still be here on this planet some 30 years ago…yet here I still am and I have fitness to thank for it! I am eternally grateful for my journey in this industry, as it has given me back more than I ever expected.

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Growing up as a child in the “system” meant my brother and I were in and out of foster homes for many years, other times we lived with our mother who struggled with various forms of mental illness and drug addictions. I had 3 good years in my early teens with a man who adopted me later in life (who to this day I am eternally grateful for showing me what family looks like) but even still I ended up addicted to drugs myself in my early twenties.

I truly did not expect to make it out of that dark hole alive but luckily I did. After a successful rehab treatment but still feeling very lost and uninspired in my new sobriety in my late twenties, I discovered I loved to run so one day I picked up a book by world class runner Jeff Galoway and started to run daily.

Running became a healthy outlet for me and allowed me a wonderful way to release and process emotions. It literally felt therapeutic and before I knew it I was running 6 to 8 miles a day and decided to train for the LA Marathon.

That led to my discovery of resistance training to benefit my running as I trained for the marathon. Once I stepped foot in my first gym I was hooked. I read every book about health and fitness I could get my hands on and my entire relationship with my inner being changed. I felt safe in my body for the first time in my life, I felt self confident and finally felt a sense of calm I had not had prior to this time.

As my body began to change co-workers at my first “real” sales job in my 20’s sought me out for advice. I realized it felt natural to me to guide and coach them and more importantly for once in my life I felt purposeful!

It was quite an accident that I ended up in this field but when my company folded and my entire department was let go I took that severance package and decided it was time to pursue a career doing what I loved. I got certified first as a personal trainer and then added massage therapy (licensing) so I could be my own boss and begin changing bodies and inspiring others to live healthy and balanced lives. It also became important for me to use my past overcoming my childhood traumas and past addiction to inspire others to see that anything is possible no matter what obstacles you have to overcome.

So again thank you for stopping by and I hope to have the opportunity to inspire or motivate you in some way as you browse through my website. Feel free to drop me a note and say hi!Send me a question or even a topic to blog or vlog about because without all of you my work wouldn’t matter! Enjoy the journey!


Rebecca Kordecki, the creator of Booty Slide and owner of RK FIT, has enjoyed a robust 20-year career as a Beverly Hills Celebrity Trainer, Group Exercise Teacher, Diet Coach, Corporate Wellness Advocate and Speaker.

Rebecca has been featured on “The Today Show”, “EXTRA”, and has been written up in periodicals such as Vogue, The New York Times, Hamptons, InStyle, Shape, TimeOut NY and Daily Candy amongst others. Rebecca most recently hosted her own radio show for 2 years on Healthylife.net called Get Lifted that focused on health and wellness.

As a passionate and tireless Personal Trainer Rebecca provides clients with a disciplined, focused strategy and most importantly, results. Because of her hard work and dedication she was voted “the Best of the Best Personal Trainer” in the Hamptons two years in a row while living on the east coast. She has also earned an impressive client roster from all walks of life including high profile Fortune 500 executives, professional athletes, and celebrities.

Her current and past clientele for Personal Training & Massage Therapy includes: Jim Carrey, Jim Belushi, Khloe Kardashian, Anastacia, Cassie, Raquel Welch, Hunter Tylo (“The Bold and The Beautiful”), Oliver Stone, Rick Fox, Elijah Wood, Scott Wolf (ABC’s V and Party of Five), and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

In the Professional Athletes category Rebecca’s clients for Deep Tissue and Sports Massage Therapy include: Kevin Love (Cleveland Cavaliers) Roy Hibbert (former LA Laker), Reggie Bush (SF 49er’s) Russell Wilson (Seahawks QB) Matt Kemp (San Diego Padres), Chandler Parsons (Memphis Grizzlies)

In 2007, Rebecca created her own signature workout program called Booty Slide which sold a million dollars worth of product via an As Seen on TV infomercial and through retail outlets WalMart and Kmart. Booty Slide is one of the original full body slide workouts that targets the butt.

Booty Slide combines Yoga, Pilates, and HIIT training for a fun, fast paced and total body workout that accommodates every fitness level.  Look for Rebecca’s Booty Slide 2.0 Lean & Tone coming in 2018 that will not only focus on lifting and shaping the booty but will lean out and tone every other muscle group as well.

Rebecca is featured in:

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Also, Rebecca is now offering wellness retreats in resort locations. You can spend 3-5 days away with Rebecca and a small group of like-minded people in a beautiful and relaxing setting. During the retreat, you have daily workouts with Rebecca while getting away from the daily grind and with Rebecca’s Booty, Body and Breath approach to refreshing and recharging every aspect of your being, you will head home with valuable tools to sustain a healthy and balanced life.

Want to catch Rebecca in action?  Come check her out at the studio she teaches at called Burn 60 in both Brentwood and West Hollywood.  To learn more about this fun, cardio/strength based, full body workout class visit www.burn60.com to see Rebecca’s schedule.

Rebecca holds certifications from ACE, AFAA and Mad Dogg Athletics and is a licensed Massage Therapist.

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Celebrity-Personal-Trainer-Sports Massage-Therapist-Beverly-Hil


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