Are You Addicted To Spinning?

Are You Addicted To Spinning?

Have your friends been giving you a rough time for your die-hard love of spinning?

Do they nudge you that maybe you should add some other workouts into your routine besides Spin?

Have you questioned your own obsession with it?

If you answered yes to the above questions you may be addicted to spinning and before any haters out there give me a hard time about calling out spin addicts – let me start by owning my own S#*&.


Hi, my name is Rebecca and I am addicted to Spinning.

So there! Now it’s an even playing field.

Here’s the tell tale signs that you may be or ARE addicted to Spinning: 

*Your entire week’s social calendar and even some work things are wedged in and around your “regular” spin classes.

*You have your favorite studio that you are beyond loyal to and have a list of reasons always at the ready as to why it rocks over less rock star status studios.

*You have your favorite teacher whom you follow on Twitter, Instagram etc. and you find yourself spewing their mantras or quips during the course of each day.

*You have your favorite time slot to spin – which you will pretty much turn down any and all offers for socializing and yes, sometimes even work offers.

*You have your favorite bike which you would also consider throwing a few punches for to ensure your butt sits on that very same bike every class too.

*You pack your spin bag before you pack your work bag.

And finally, the surefire “are you addicted to Spinning” barometer comes down to —–GULP — wait for it — scheduling your class time!

Whether it’s noon on Monday (yes I have a SoulCycle Alarm on my iPhone – if you’re a #SoulCycle fan you must get the App

or just 24 hours before on your favorite studio’s website — you’re pretty much in half crazed mode during the 3 minutes before the schedule opens up and the 1-minute while you try to beat every other half crazed spin addict to the schedule to book your bikes.

And then there is the 3 minutes of elation after you’ve secured your favorite teacher at your favorite studio in your favorite time slot on your — hell yes, favorite bike!

There may even be a little “I booked it” jig that goes on! Not pointing any fingers – just sayin’.

If after reading the above – you found yourself nodding your head “yep, that’s me” or chuckling a bit – then you’ve been bitten by the Spin Bug!

And why not, the benefits are incredible. Not to mention the endorphin release you get –all without any pounding to the joints or body.

But to be clear, that doesn’t mean that too much of a good thing doesn’t have some of it’s own issues, such as neck pain or back/knee pain from incorrect bike set up or shoddy form.

Or simply the lack of development of total body strength by omitting other important aspects of exercise, i.e. lifting weights, engaging in closed chain movements and core specific workouts.

Which is why I say “everything in moderation” OR if you just have to get your “spin” on 4-5 days a week – please be sure you are also incorporating full body functional resistance training.

Or check out my Booty Slide App for a great total body workout to do at home or the gym.  Check it out at  http://www.bootyslide.com

Or hire a personal trainer to work with you once or twice a week to balance out your training.  Before you do be sure to check out my previous blog post about what to look for in a good personal trainer https://rebeccakordecki.com//blog/personal-training/

If you are looking for other fun group classes or just are on a budget check out this great new app called Class Pass!

For $99 a month you can try any class up to 3 times a month at any studio that is on the Class Pass program.  Check it out here. https://classpass.com. I signed up for 3 months and absolutely LOVE IT!

It’s a great way to try other fabulous classes and a great way to ensure you keep your Spin addiction in check.

Remember, I am right there with you — so I am always trying other ways to get my “fit” on! Whether it’s hiking, lifting, sprinting or boxing – our bodies need variety — many sources of movement.

So go ahead keep getting your “spin” on, but remember to mix it up!

Move More. Eat Better. Forgive Often


Rebecca Kordeki

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