10 Steps To Bomb Proof Your New Years Goals

By Rebecca Kordeki | February 6, 2018

How to Keep Your New Year Resolutions 10 Steps To Bomb Proof Your New Years Goals Yep, it’s here! Yikes, the second month of 2018. I seriously can’t believe it’s…

The Secret To A Healthy And Balanced Lifestyle: Introduction To Rebecca's Secrets

By Rebecca Kordeki | January 1, 2018

I suppose we all have an opinion on what the true secret to a healthy and balanced lifestyle is…and it can be different for everyone but in my opinion and…

Are You Standing on the Fitness Cliff?

By Rebecca Kordeki | December 10, 2017

It’s that time of the year when you either have or you haven’t…? What am I talking about – well you either HAVE started crushing your New Years fitness goals…

12 Habits For Being Unstoppable

By Rebecca Kordeki | November 24, 2017

I know you’re probably thinking “who is this fitness chick and why should I listen to her – it’s easy for her, she owns a fitness company, has her own fitness product – it’s a no-brainer she’s in shape and has been unstoppable in her fitness career. It’s her damn job!”

Butt Lifting Stair Workout

By Rebecca Kordeki | July 19, 2017

There really is no way to “slide” (unless your Booty Sliding) to a head turning lower body other than pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone – beyond easy street. If…

How To Get The Most Out Of Your HIIT Workout

By Rebecca Kordeki | July 20, 2016

Ok so you just signed up for Class Pass or a new gym and you want to check out some classes. You’ve heard that HIIT training is awesome and it’s…