Blogging – Sunday Morning Confession

June 27th, 2010 – 7:47 AM

Okay so I admit it – feeling a bit stumped by the whole blogging thing.  When I created this new website last December – the main reason I changed the site was because I wanted to become a “real” blogger. I have LOTS to say about lots of things – so I was eager to get the site up and running.  So now that the site has been up for 6 months and as I look back over my blogging track record – I realize I fell short of my goal.  Ouch!  I hate doing that.  I am a very goal oriented and driven woman – why can’t I do this simple task of blogging a couple of times a week. Especially when I do have so much to say?  After a bit of reflection on the matter – I have surmised that it must be as simple as fear of rejection.  What? Did I really just say that?  YEP!  I have it too, even though I am an accomplished fitness personality – and people come to me to help them turn their issues with weight and in some cases self image around – I suffer from this too!  I guess what it boils down to is my fear of:  what if no one reads my blog, what if people think I am an awful writer, what if I make ignorant commentaries, what if – what if – what if!? Ah ha!  And there it is, the nugget I need to turn this whole thing around – SO WHAT!  Just do it…just write….just express…just contribute – and even if I fail (which ultimately is subjective anyhow) – who cares. At least I committed and at least I took action.  The best news about failing  (for me anyways) – is that I hate to – so it only makes me get up and try harder.  Which eventually leads to success!  One of my favorite sayings is “Every time we make a mistake in life and admit it… we grow. Be sure to make lots of them and your growth will be monumental”.  So there it is – my Sunday Morning Confession – hmmmm, which as I write that might just be a fun theme for the blog I will now re-commit to doing once a week.  I apologize in advance if some days I am at the top of my game and others, well – let’s just say I might be shooting blanks.  But either way – I will put my fingers on this keypad and see what I can manifest – and maybe, just maybe it will be something that resonates with some of you out there in cyber space.

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