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Rebecca Kordecki – Booty Slide App Download

It’s finally here!  Download the new Booty Slide® App (for iPhone, iPad) at iTunes under Booty Slide Fitness. And yes, it’s FREE!

This is the Beta version release so feedback is welcome.  Please keep in mind this is meant to be a very simple – user friendly – no frills APP.    The APP will allow those of you who already know the workout to choose your favorite moves and design your own workout for the timeframe you have available.   And it will introduce the moves to anyone curious about giving Booty Slide a try.

If you don’t already own my Booty Slide Kit and really want  to try the moves before you purchase the Kit – go ahead and try them using a towel under your foot.  Please note, this is not the most effective way to do the workout as you will not get the full benefits of training in the bootie which simulates more of a barefoot training mode thus targeting other smaller muscles as well as the core to a greater degree.   Check out “barefoot training” to learn more.

If you want to order the Booty Slide Kit – please email us at  Our new Store and Website are still “Under Construction”!  So go ahead – what are you waiting for – head to the iTunes Store now and GET LIFTED!


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