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Booty Slide DVD Progressions For New Users


If you purchased Booty Slide® not only for it’s butt lifting benefits but also because of its low impact, joint conditioning and core strengthening benefits but find the cardiovascular aspect of the workout challenging, you can simply SLOW each move down (think “Tai Chi-like”) and take longer breaks between the moves.


When doing the moves at first ALWAYS start with a lower range of motion until you find your comfort zone with the movement.  Also be sure to have proper body alignment before beginning any moves.  Never continue doing a movement if you are too tired to keep good form.  Always put quality of movement above quantity of movement.


Booty Slide® Program DVD Progression


Order of DVD’s to begin:

1. Sculpt, Tone & Burn

2. Core Plus DVD

3. Cardio Extreme

4. Booty Blast (NOTE: Can be done without the resistance band)


Once you have gone through the entire series of videos in this order then it is fine and appropriate to mix and match the Booty Slide® DVD’s as you see fit or as your body desires.  Take a moment after you have gone through the DVD’s after your first week and honestly asses your current level of fitness and create a Booty Slide® workout program choosing the DVD’s that will support your desired body changes and fitness goals. Please note:  The entire set of DVD’s can also be done as one complete workout – but know going in – it will be challenging to complete.


Rebecca recommends adding at least 20-45 minutes of Booty Slide® to your existing workout regiment at least 2 times per week and up to 4 times at 45 minutes per week if Booty Slide® is your only workout routine.  The beauty of her system is that the workouts are divided into segments.  You can do as much or as little (although never less than 10 minutes to obtain results) as you like as you develop strength and improve your fitness level.  The best results will be obtained by including Booty Slide® in your current weekly plan 2-4 times per week.  Depending on your fitness level it is possible to do Booty Slide® 5-6 days a week as there are different aspects you can focus on each day.


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