“I own MANY workout  dvds and prefer them to the gym. This is by far the most fun workout I own and I’m obsessed with doing it! It goes very quickly and does not feel like a workout at all. I’ve already recommended this to several people, one of which purchased it for herself. I’ve noticed results and it’s not as intense as the Brazil Butt Lift, which can be draining to do after a long day of work.”




Booty Slide At Your Facility

Booty Slide is a perfect addition to your fitness studio, gym, or program and is available for licensing.

  • No bulky equipment that takes up space
  • Streamlined teacher certification program
  • Low impact yet yield high-intensity results
  • Approachable and accessible to all members: effective for all levels

Booty Slide Instructor

Want to get certified to teach Booty Slide at your studio or gym? Want to use it as a complimentary program with your private training clients? Booty Slide is a great program to add value to what you offer as a teacher or personal trainer. Find out more now.



Booty Slide

“At age 40 I have tried most workouts under the sun to target the butt. Booty Slide is the only workout that actually lifted my BUTT!   Not only did I get a butt lift, but I now have a six pack (abdominals) and I can actually do real pushups…which for me is a first!”

A. Simmons

Booty Slide

“At 50 I have tried everythingout there, yoga – Pilates – Core Fusion and this class is the first class that got my husbands attention. He actually said my butt looks higher the other day.   I am a lifer! Thanks for creating Booty Slide.”

R. Steinberg
Booty Slide

“It’s been about 5 months since I chatted with you last – and I am lovin’ my Booty Blast DVDs – I do them EVERY DAY without fail and my tush has never been better! I had a stroke April 18th, 2013 & then I started with your DVDs and I am better and healthier than ever! I have been telling everyone on FB and Twitter about the Booty Slide DVD set and it’s a MUST for people wanting to get in to shape and keep with it – this is the ONLY one I have ever stuck with and I will continue to do it every day – love it Just thought I would say hi:)”

Michelle M.
Booty Slide

“I have always been active and had an athletic frame but my core has never felt this functional and strong! I notice measurable results in my marathon training.  I am pounding up hills on my feet like never before. Rebecca has an incredible ability to motivate and captivate always keeps us on our toes (literally!). I have been waiting for something like Booty Slide forever! I feel Bootylicious!

J. Fletcher
Booty Slide

“I just started booty slide and I am so happy with it. In April I was in an almost fatal car accident. I went to months of physical therapy and I am still receiving other treatments even as of now. I thought I would never be able to work out again because I can’t do the high impact workout I used to do like kickboxing and triathlons. Booty Slide has renewed me again. I can now workout at a low impact level but still, have an effective workout. I am excited to do all the workouts and I can’t wait to see my results. Thank You, Booty Slide.”

Safia Ghanim

Booty Slide Gear & Products