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Healthy Eating

Quick Workouts and Healthy Food

MicroFit Podcast! Hi, everyone! This is an adapted transcription from my podcast MicroFit, episode 11! Enjoy it! — Welcome to MicroFit – sharing bite-size tips, ideas, and suggestions for living…

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Stop Dieting And Reset Yourself

It’s not everyday that something in the wellness, fitness or diet industry wows me but I have to say that I recently came across an amazing new company whose program…

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Turkey Avocado Wraps

I love these Turkey Avocado Wraps! They are one of my favorite low calorie, quick and easy healthy meals that you can make in 10 minutes or less, and of…

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33 Ways To Lose Weight Fast

Masahiro IharaPeople I meet are always asking me “how can I lose this extra 5 or 10 pounds – I exercise 5 times a week and I eat pretty healthy,…

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Great Snack On The Go

This is one of my favorite great snacks when I need energy and am on the go!   I call them Power Snack Baggies. I make 6-8 baggies up at the…

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