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My Vegan Journey Continues – Week 3

November 6th, 2011  3:50PM So it’s been about 3 weeks now of my new Vegan diet …and while I had intended to blog/journal online more about the journey – I…

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The Fastest Way to Burn FAT! HIIT Training

Caution: This is a serious workout and you should always check with your physician before attempting or adding in new methods of training. Ok, seriously, this training style kicks butt! …

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Understanding Your Core Muscles

Whether you read a health and fitness magazine or watch any healthy lifestyle related show it is almost impossible to do so without hearing something about the importance of core…

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Wednesday 10:17  Sept 14th, 2011 There just isn’t enough time in a day — no matter how I stretch it – rise an hour earlier – go to sleep an…

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