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Five Easy Ways to Get the Best Use From Your Home Treadmill

The number one fear that people have when investing in a home treadmill (or any piece of exercise equipment) is that they won’t use it. You know the story. It gets delivered, you set it up and enjoy it for a few days…and then it sits…and waits. A few months down the road, you notice […]

My Vegan Journey Continues – Week 3

November 6th, 2011  3:50PM So it’s been about 3 weeks now of my new Vegan diet …and while I had intended to blog/journal online more about the journey – I let someone’s words on day 3 affect my process of continuing writing.  When I told this person of my new journey and decision –to blog […]

What’s Your Story? The Law of Attraction

November 4th, 9:45AM I felt compelled this morning to write about creating positive change by changing the way you think and speak.  I hope that some of what I share today, while certainly not a new concept, may resonate in a way that will enact positive changes on your journey to fitness and wellness or […]

The Fastest Way to Burn FAT! HIIT Training

Caution: This is a serious workout and you should always check with your physician before attempting or adding in new methods of training. Ok, seriously, this training style kicks butt!  Not only does High Intensity Interval Training, otherwise known as HIIT, burn more calories per session than a regular “aerobic” based workout – it revs […]

Three Misconceptions About Slimming Your Waistline

Lots of people think they know what they’re doing when it comes to trimming the fat around the waistline. But do they really? Check out this list of common misconceptions. #1 Breathing exercises will shrink your waist While it is true that breathing and diagrammatic exercises will tighten your tummy they will not reduce the […]

A Quick Guide To Healthy Meal Planning

A lot of times my clients say they would love to eat healthy – but they get bored as they feel there aren’t enough choices for creating a variety of healthy meals. But, eating healthy does NOT mean you’re stuck with salads at every meal, in fact you can make great wraps, soups, Power Shakes, […]

Get the Most From An Afternoon Outdoors, Pt. 3

Alright, now that you have all the tools you need to put together your own outdoor workout, I thought I’d provide a sample workout to inspire you in creating your own. Don’t forget to warm up your body before starting any exercises! The Workout – Complete As A Circuit “Squares” – this is a fun […]

Get the Most From An Afternoon Outdoors, Pt. 2

Now that you’ve learned (from pt. 1) to view the outdoors as your own personal gym, it’s time to get down to business. After you have assessed your area and made decisions about how you will use what you see, it is time to come up with the workout design. Here are the basic guidelines […]

Understanding Your Core Muscles

Whether you read a health and fitness magazine or watch any healthy lifestyle related show it is almost impossible to do so without hearing something about the importance of core strength. From fitness trainers, to rehab therapists to your general doctor – core training is literally on the tips of everyone’s tongues. It looks and […]


Wednesday 10:17  Sept 14th, 2011 There just isn’t enough time in a day — no matter how I stretch it – rise an hour earlier – go to sleep an hour later – I still feel like there is no way to catch up.  The piles on the desk continue to multiply – albeit, very […]

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