Celebrity Trainer Releases Booty Slide Fitness App

PRESS RELEASE:  Booty Slide Fitness APP – This Is The First Slide Training Workout APP Available on iTunes For Customizable and Express Workouts

Beverly Hills, California (May 5, 2014)— Celebrity Trainer Rebecca Kordecki, owner of RK FIT in Beverly Hills California, has been the go-to trainer for Los Angeles and New York Celebrities, professional athletes and others for over 18 years. In 2011, Ms. Kordecki launched her Booty Slide Workout Program via DVD for sale online to individuals across the nation. To further compliment her Booty Slide Program and allow people everywhere to use it, Ms. Kordecki has released The Booty Slide Fitness APP (version 2) in the iTunes Store.

The Booty Slide Fitness APP is available for the iPhone and iPad and is designed to give Booty Slide fans (or anyone wanting to use Slide Training) the ability to customize their workouts in the comfort of their own home, while on the road, or while training at their gym.

The APP features 21 Booty Slide exercises that can be mixed and matched to create 20, 40, or 60-minute workouts. These core-training exercises can be customized to meet the needs of different skill levels, provide different levels of intensity, and to help users pinpoint their target areas, whether it’s the abs, hips or butt.

“I created the Booty Slide APP to provide users a workout to strengthen their core and reshape and lift their butts and allow them the option of doing a high intensity workout without low impact. The workout focuses on core exercises that build long, lean muscles. Of course, the fact that it lifts butts doesn’t hurt either,” says Kordecki.

This is the first Slide Training workout APP to hit the iTunes store. Slide Training has become popular again over the last few years as it offers users a way to target their hips, butt and thighs with very low impact to the joints. Slide Training is also excellent for strengthening the core and working the entire body while also offering a great cardiovascular workout.

An additional benefit of the Booty Slide style of Slide Training is the fact that when a user puts on the Booties to begin sliding, they immediately tap into the benefits of barefoot training, similar to those provided by Vibram Five Finger Shoes. Booty Slide is the only Slide Training product in the market today that offers barefoot training benefit.

Stronger feet, ankles and calf muscles translate into less ankle injuries when playing sports, in daily life and on risky terrain. The Booty Slide Fitness APP costs $1.99 and can be downloaded at the iTunes Store.

If you are not familiar with Booty Slide, it is a total body, Slide based workout that uses specially designed Booties, Hand Sliders and a Resistance Band to perform Ms. Kordecki’s exercises.

The workout also combines some of the principles of yoga and Pilates while providing a high intensity workout that remains low impact that decreases the chance for injury. The user does not need to own the Booty Slide Kit to try the Booty Slide Fitness APP, but of course, it is recommended.

About Rebecca Kordecki
Rebecca Kordecki is a Fitness Expert and Celebrity Trainer who was voted The Hamptons Best of the Best Personal Trainer for 3 consecutive years from 2009-2011. Her client list over the years has included Raquel Welch, Hunter Tylo, Scott Wolf, Oliver Stone, Rick Fox, Nacho Figueras, and Anastacia among others. Ms. Kordecki has been featured in Vogue, New York Times, InStyle and Shape magazines. She has been featured on The Today Show, Extra and Hollywood Heat. Ms. Kordecki is available for personal training, consultations, speaking engagements and media appearances. For more information you can visit https://rebeccakordecki.com/

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