Clean Up Your Diet With A Kitchen Makeover

Want to clean up your diet? Then it’s time for a kitchen makeover!

One thing I have found to be critical when working with clients over the years whether they are celebrities, athletes or corporate professionals is that the success of their overall fitness and weight loss goals starts in their kitchens.

Before I create an exercise program for them and before we ever step foot in the gym, I always start with looking at what the heck they’re eating!

Here’s how it goes down. I was recently working with an International Recording Artists who was getting ready for some appearances and an album release that was 2 months away. She had 15 lbs. to lose and really wanted to jumpstart her fitness program.

The first day I came over I had two trash bags in my hands, not weights. She looked at my like I had two heads as I said, “Today we start with in your kitchen.”

I heard her mutter something as we headed to her refrigerator. And when I opened it up, I knew why. From sodas (all sugar & chemicals), to leftover fast food (processed and full of sodium), Dannon Yogurt (loaded with sugar and more chemicals) and tons of salad dressings (chemicals and sugar) but no salad or fresh produce in sight.

Then we headed to the pantry.  6 Cans of ravioli. What!? She doesn’t even have kids! Canned green beans and almonds in some sort of sauce…UGH!

Packages of ready to go sauces (all you do is add water, yikes) and voila dinner is served. Breakfast cereals, more cans of junk with more things I couldn’t pronounce.

I opened the trash bags and started dropping things in. She looked at me half excited and half embarrassed. I held up the can of green beans and almonds shaking my head. She chuckled and said, “They were my ex husband’s favorite”.

By the end of that hour we had filled a large trash bag to the top. And my client’s kitchen was bare.

Basically that’s what I am asking you to do now. Grab a trash bag or two and head to your kitchen. It’s time to exorcise the demons – the food that’s keeping you from your fitness and/or weight loss goals.

Start with the fridge. Read the nutrition labels of everything on the door. Check condiments, salad dressings, drinks, sauces, jams etc. If there’s a list of more that more than 2 or 3 ingredients you can’t read there’s a good chance it should go in the bag.

The biggest culprit to be on the lookout for is added SUGAR! And most things will have it. Sorry, but it’s true.

I hope you didn’t just go shopping yesterday. But this step is critical. How much is too much sugar?

Consider this:

4 grams of sugar equals 1 teaspoon of sugar.

1 gram of sugar also equals 4 calories.

If you really want to clean up your diet start by cutting your daily intake of sugar way down! Then strive for a goal of no more than 6 teaspoons of sugar a day = ½ cup of ice cream or just less than a 12 oz. can of soda.

Remember this when reading the ingredients; things are listed in order of the amount of them contained in the product. Therefore, if sugar is the first or second or even third item listed, it’s bad for you, PERIOD!

Here’s the other sneaky names SUGAR goes by, so watch out for these too!

Brown sugar, Cane juice and cane syrup, Confectioners’ sugar, Corn sweetener and corn syrup, Dextrose, Fructose, Fruit juice concentrates, Glucose, Granulated white sugar, High-fructose corn syrup, Honey, Invert sugar, Lactose, Maltose, Malt syrup, Molasses, Raw sugar, Sucrose, Syrup

You want to stock your kitchen with whole and fresh foods, which means no prepackaged, no boxed (most cereals have more sugar per serving than your new daily limit), no canned foods (in general – some exceptions like canned beans or canned albacore tuna with nothing but water added are ok).  Although I truly prefer you make your own beans if they are in your diet.

Really take a look in that fridge and pantry; anything that shouldn’t be there gets the boot!

It’s up to you to really take charge here. It’s a cleansing of sorts – so make it a ceremony – light some incense – put on your favorite music and go to town!

Do what you have to do to get this party started. And it is a party! It’s a party because you’re taking charge of your health. You’re choosing to fuel your body with better food choices! I’m in your corner cheering you on but the rest of it; the mental commitment will be up to you.

Next up – what foods should be in the frig to best serve your fitness and weight loss goals!  If you are beyond this step already and just want some tips for how to prep meals for the week check out my latest video: 

Remember Move More. Eat Better. Forgive Often.

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