Embracing the Body We Have — No Negativity Allowed

Embracing the Body We Have — No Negativity Allowed

Body image – even as I type the words I feel a bit of charged, uncomfortable energy rush through my cells.  And I think I am pretty tame when it comes to messages I send to myself around body image…so I imagine for those that don’t have this issue in check – it’s like a civil war inside their head – daily!

We all know it exists  – negative “self talk” about “fat thighs” –  “flat asses” – “wide hips” or  “flappy arms”.  Wow, we really can be cruel to this body of ours.  Imagine for a second though if our “fat thighs” decided to stop moving in a forward motion – walking would become impossible.  Or if our “flat asses” stopped supporting hip flexion and extension – climbing stairs or hills would be out!  And those “flappy arms” of ours – without em’ hugging a loved one would be out of the question.

So the next time you want to take a jab at the body you have – remember without it – our lives wouldn’t be the same.  Embrace what you have – which doesn’t mean to say you can’t work to improve areas you wish to – but never diminish the very thing that makes life multi dimensional.


Rebecca Kordeki

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