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Five Habits For Staying Fit

Five Habits For Staying Fit

I know we all wish there was a magic pill for staying “fit and trim” – and with all the marketing and advertising of supplement companies – one could almost fall for the idea.  If I’ve learned anything over the past 18 years in this business – it’s that there truly is no substitute for hard work in the gym or on the road/field/court and maintaining a few healthy habits.

1. Fit people are always eating.  I know this sounds crazy, but the truth is by snacking on healthy and clean (not processed or loaded with fat) food in proper amounts every 2-3 hours you never go hungry and there is less tendency to binge at meal times.  Ultimately your body becomes a very effective fat burning machine – burning calories round the clock.  The body tends to store food as fat when it is fed only once a day – so graze throughout the day – and you will do your metabolism wonders.

2. Fit people tend to choose the active option.  Don’t take the elevator when you can walk the stairs.  Stop trying to park as close to a location as possible.  Walk wherever and whenever you can.  Don’t just sit and talk on the phone – walk around outside or move about the house.  Jump on your bike to run an errand instead of getting in the car. The idea is to burn calories whenever you can.

3. Learn to love water.  Simply put – the more water you drink, the less fat you will store.  Water is one of the greatest gifts of nature and has so many tremendous benefits for the body. Most fit people carry a bottle of water with them everywhere they go – in other words “never leave home without it”.

4. Fit people aren’t afraid to sweat.  This means pushing beyond your comfort zones during your workouts.  We’ve all seen the people in the gym who are there day after day and never break a sweat and there bodies seem to stay the same.  If you really stop to watch for a second – you’ll see why – they are what I call “coasting” through their workouts.  Just showing up – punching the clock – but not really pushing themselves.  Then there are those that are in the zone – and make every rep – every set count.  If you notice, they are usually sweating.  Even if not, you can tell they are committed to their workout.   So fit habit number four – make every workout count!

5. Make an appointment with yourself.  Fit people are borderline obsessive about their workouts.  They plan their gym time – SPIN time – tennis time as if they were scheduling a doctor’s appointment.  Staying fit needs to be a ritual – a lifetime commitment – and as such – requires the same attention for scheduling as other things in your life.  Don’t neglect this time – put your workouts in your calendar and you will find life doesn’t get in the way as much!

These five habits can make a world of difference so don’t just read this article – apply it!  See you in the gym or on the floor!

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