Great Snack On The Go

This is one of my favorite great snacks when I need energy and am on the go!   I call them Power Snack Baggies.

I make 6-8 baggies up at the beginning of every week so they are ready anytime – anywhere.

Trader Joe’s (my favorite place to shop) and Whole Foods carry all of these ingredients. If you aren’t near a Trader Joe’s Here’s or Whole Foods – try your local grocery store but look for raw and unsalted versions of the seeds and no sugar added dried cranberries – or make your own!

Sunflower seeds – 1.5 tbsp. (around 20) roughly 75 Calories

Pumpkin seeds – 1.5 tbsp. (around 20) roughly 75 CaloriesTrader Joe's Pumpkin Seeds

Almond Slivers -1 tbsp. (around 15 slivers) 20 Calories

Cranberries (try to find unsweetened) – 1.5 tbsp. 35 Calories

Coconut – shredded or small chunks (unsweetened)- 1.5 tbsp.  40 Calories

Total Calories:  245 per pack




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