A recent study indicates, during times of stress, many people will turn to gym memberships for physical restoration.

The reality is however, no amount of weight loss and pumping iron is going to help us get our minds right. Often, the better treatment is a total break from our everyday life.

Spend some time consciously focusing on your mental and spiritual growth and development. Rebecca organizes a number of thoughtful and relaxing wellness retreat programs through out the year.

During these retreats, participants will experience everything from daily workouts infusing elements of Yoga, Pilates, resistance and slide training to breathwork/meditation, nutrition workshops and self-empowerment exercises all designed to bring out the most aligned version of you!

Guests leave feeling stronger, more focused, energized and most importantly armed with tools to use once back home to stay on your wellness path.

And when your hectic life tries to sap your energy or throw you off your path – YOU can be the boss of your life and stay in the “empowered zone”.