How To Stop The Negative Voices In Your Head

How To Stop The Negative Voices In Your Head

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to be a little tougher and brutally honest with my clients and help them stop the negative voices in their heads this year (not that I wasn’t already but it’s just time to take things up a notch! Why?

Because I owe it to them – to give them that extra push, that firm kick in the pants (infused with love of course) and to be the voice of truth to help them reach their goals.

We all need it from time to time – right? I have my peeps I turn to when I know I’m slackin’, when I feel stuck in a rut and when I am just plain bitchin’ and complaining but not doing a darn thing to change whatever I am bitching and complaining about (oh, by the way, from here out this energy draining activity will be referred to as B&C)

Actually, the truth is, I used to B&C but then I decided the whole B&C thing was simply a time waster, stall tactic and a family and friend deterrent. I mean come on – who wants to hang out with someone who is constantly B&Cing?

It gets old or worse simply ends up recruiting more B&Cers to play the game with you! Suddenly you find yourself in the B&C club – a whole gaggle of you guys sitting around B&Cing. UGH!

Stop the insanity (I hear Susan Powter yell from stage left. Just in case you don’t remember or know who she is click on her name for a fun trip down memory lane ) and start 2016 off with a no B&C policy and watch how much things shift in your life.

I’m not just referring to your fitness and health here but in every single area of your life. You will gain a new sense of respect for yourself; a freedom from the paralyzing feeling of “spinning” and most importantly you will get SHIT done!

Ps…I don’t normally use profanity in my blogs but as long as we are talking bitching I figure I get a pass for the S word☺

So here’s how it works. The 3 Bitch rule states you get to complain twice about something and those two times are simply acting as an opportunity for you to look at whatever it is you are B&Cing about.

Then decide whether if it’s really something that you are upset over or are you just having a bad day, are you tired, hungry, needing attention etc. If it is none of those and you hear yourself B&C once more about the very same thing – time’s up – you MUST change the thing you are B&Cing about.

Whether it’s your job, your relationship, your diet, your exercise habits, your drinking ETC. Whatever it is, it’s gotta shift! No more slackin’.

The 3 Bitch rule is in effect from that moment forward…get busy and do something about that nagging thorn in your side. It’s as simple as that and really is a winning strategy for the New Year. And one of my favorites.

I started using this about 3 years ago and never hear myself B&C anymore. What a relief it has been – now I just take action on those things that start to become annoying that I want to change.

Try it out and feel free to send me any success stories you have once you start playing by The 3 Bitch Rule.

Move More. Eat Better. Forgive Often.

Rebecca Kordeki

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