Just K.I.S.S. It To Get Your Summer Beach Body

Just K.I.S.S. It To Get Your Summer Beach Body

Summer is only 8-10 weeks away but who’s counting! Meeeee! So if you are like me, you may have started thinking ok – time to tighten up and tone up to get my summer beach body rockin’.

Then this is the perfect blog to take a few minutes to read (warning in advance: it is a longer than usual blog – well, sorry, I have lots to say on the subject of getting your summer beach body!)

I titled this blog Just KISS It – because when it comes down to it – truly, if we just Keep It Simple Sexy (bet you were thinking I was going to use the word Stupid…grrrrr…no way because if you start following these tips you will be feeling super sexy in short order!) So let’s get to it:

I am jumping right in with these must do tips:

Meal Planning and Meal Preparation

Over the years my clients have had plenty of reasons (aka excuses) why they just couldn’t get into the whole ‘healthy eating’ thing.

They would say things like “I can only eat so many salads” or “what about my sauces and condiments – I need my flavor” or my favorite “it’s impossible to eat healthy when dining out”.

Of course I always was able to educate them to see the light…eventually!

And I hope this blog will help do the same for you. Trust me, I do get it, food is family, food is social, food is celebratory and most of all food is essential!

But food can also be good for you, nutritious and satisfying while being all of those other things as well!

Eating healthy doesn’t have to boring and it’s not rocket science.

It just takes being mindful of the quality of the food you eat as well as learning to prepare food in healthier ways.

I truly believe to reach your goal weight or to maintain it, you don’t have to weigh your food and count calories.

What you do need to do is eliminate the crappy – zero quality, processed and sugar loaded foods from your diet.

It comes down to learning proper portion size for your body’s daily maintenance.

Because each person’s daily calorie intake varies and is based on their weight loss goals, activity level, weight, height, age and gender,  this blog isn’t about how many calories per day you should eat but more about concepts to keep in mind while you begin cleaning up your diet.

The key is in learning how to tune yourself into the right diet “channel” for lifelong health and fitness.

Yes, you need to burn more calories than you consume to lose weight, but when you’re eating foods with optimal nutritional value (i.e. whole foods, fresh foods) and eliminating junk foods, processed foods and inflammatory foods (if you need to) you’re setting yourself up for success.

My biggest tip:

Stop buying into the idea that in order to lose weight you must be on a “diet”.

There is a reason why 90% of all diet plans fail:

1. They are too restrictive.

2. They assume you always have the time and the ability to adhere to calorie counting and the exact foods on the list

3. They often include foods you don’t like but must eat in order to “succeed” on the diet.

4. Most diets are set up as a temporary fix – not a lifestyle plan.

I want you to start thinking in terms of your diet as a noun NOT a verb. You are not dieting – instead you have a HEALTHY DIET.

A diet that supports you in your daily activity, a diet that gives you energy to be more creative, to spend more active time with your family, to want to start a new exercise routine and/or to learn a new hobby or sport.

Your diet should be the healthy fuel that keeps your “engine” running at high performance levels at all times.

Best Diet Tips For A Healthy Body and Getting Your Summer Beach Body

1. Take in these three key macronutrients – proteins, carbohydrates, and fat at each meal

They all are necessary – you want to include a bit of each at every meal to help your body function at its highest level!

2. Find a macronutrient ratio that your body feels and functions best on.

I can’t recommend a one size fits all macronutrient ratio, but a commonly accepted plan that works for many people is the popular 40-30-30 Plan know as the Zone Diet. (40% Carbs 30% Proteins 30% Fats).

Others find they need more carbohydrates and less fat, while bodybuilders are closer to a 55% Protein 25% Carbs 20% Fats ratio.

3. Understand portion sizes and learn calorie counts for the foods you eat on a regular basis.

A fantastic tool that I have my clients use to help them understand and track foods is called My Fitness Pal. You can download it here

Create your own profile and plug in the necessary info once you sign up and it will give you a daily calorie goal (again just a reference).

Do not get sucked into living by the calorie count.

Myfitnesspal.com also configures how many carbs/proteins and fats you should consume which is a generic one size fits all ratio.

Remember it is simply meant to be a reference and you should adjust it accordingly based on how you feel.
I want you to understand and get a sense of calories in foods but not to be a slave to the numbers.

Eventually your body will reset and you will be able to have a good idea of how much to eat on any given day to keep you in the zone!

4. Focus on eating more greens, more whole foods, lean proteins and healthy fats. Be sure you have kicked the foods below to the curb:

Processed food, fried foods and packaged/frozen foods
Sugar – white/refined, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners
White flour – bread, cakes, muffins, bagels, croissants
Dairy (Substitute unsweetened Almond or Coconut milk)

5. Stop eating just before you feel full
Trust me this is how you will teach your body to regulate itself and you will start to have more energy because you aren’t overloading your digestive system at every meal anymore.

6. Allow your metabolism to get back on track
Stop dieting and I promise it will happen. Remember it’s about conscious eating, fueling the body with high performance nutrients – not garbage!

7. Use this portion size guide from http://www.webmd.com when preparing your plate.

This is a really GREAT guide to help you get a handle on what typical portion sizes look like.

8. Restock your kitchen with whole, fresh foods
Here’s my  RK FIT approved shopping list: http://www.bootyslide.com/RKFITSHOPPINGLIST.pdf 

Use this as a guide when looking for the best choices at the grocery store.

The foods on this list are some of the best quality food choices to give you a “clean” and varied diet along with ample amounts of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

The list is grouped by nutrient sources – keep in mind that some foods overlap into more than one category.

In addition to your regular store, if you don’t already shop at http://traderjoes.com https://www.sprouts.com or Whole Foods (only for specific hard to find items – otherwise I feel they are overpriced) check them out, as they carry many choices of health conscious foods and condiments.

As a side note: For years, I simply told clients “just shop the outer perimeter of your store and your shopping cart will be healthier. “

It’s true, most of the “evils” in the store are down the sugar laden, processed and fake food aisles.

I really believe that if you did nothing else to change your diet habits but avoided buying foods in the aisles you would be on your way to a lighter, healthier version of you!

9. Prepare your meals in advance

I can’t say enough about this habit. If you truly want to get the monkey off your back when it comes to food you need to start doing this.

Most people will say they don’t have the time – but I disagree. It’s about making the time. So suck it up and find some time!

My golden hours for this seem to always be on Sundays and while you’re at it – make it family affair – have the kids help out – or come up with fun recipes to try as a couple, etc. Make it an event.

To get you started, check me out in my kitchen with this short video on exactly how easy it is to start prepping food in advance.

10. Eat your last meal 2-3 hours before bed

This one seriously works. Try it just one or two nights and see the results yourself.

You will wake feeling lighter and you’ll notice the difference in your waistline.

Give yourself every advantage and every edge you can to live a more balanced and energized life.

After all food is our fuel. Fuel your body right!

Speaking of fuel, you’re going to need it because in my next blog we are turning up the heat.

I’ll be sharing my tips and secrets for maximizing your workouts and choosing the best overall total body workouts.

Final note: Be sure to consult with your doctor or nutritionist should you have special needs where your food is concerned or require a certain ratio of protein to carbs and fats based on any pre-existing conditions.

And remember if you just do each of these a little more than yesterday it’s a WIN!

Move More. Eat Better. Forgive Often.

Rebecca Kordeki

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