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Mix It Up!

I am referring here to not only the what of your workouts – but also the where, how and even the why.  For those of you who thought I was referring to what you order at the bar – Drop and Give me 50!

If you really want to see changes in your body – quickly and if you really want to set yourself up for success on your journey down the path of lifelong fitness – varying all things related to your workouts is the key.

I just returned from a month of working (note I said working – not chilling) in the Hamptons –

I know, I know – rough job – but someone has to train those people who really are just there to “chill”.  Anyhow, the entire time I was there I just couldn’t seem to get motivated to workout in the gym – in the “four walls” as I like to call it.  Rather than let my training go bust for the month – I took myself to parks, athletic fields and the beach.  In each setting I created a goal for that workout utilizing what was around me.  I had a few of my best workout during that month in a long time.  Getting creative using the environment is not only fun – but it’s also a great way to connect with memories from your youth while taking in the fresh air and sunshine!

So let’s break it down:

The Why is probably the most important of all – WHY the heck are you doing it – what is your intention – are you training for weight loss, muscular growth, functional strength, agility or sports specific?  Be clear as you train of what your intention is – mindless training is not nearly as effective as completely focused MINDFUL training.  Take a look around any gym – notice those who are training and appear 150% focused on their “mission” – aren’t they usually the most fit people at the gym?  Now check out the chatty Cathy’s, the Posers, the Lookie Lou’s.  Every gym has them – they are usually the least in shape? Right?  So, your Why is crucial.  Every time you set foot on your training ground – have your “mission” in mind!

The What of any workout refers to the type of workout you are doing – be it strength training, interval training, circuit training, cross fit etc.  Once you know your Why – your intention then the What is how you will achieve that purpose.

The How refers to the gear and or equipment you will use to achieve the “what”.  So if you have decided it’s a strength training day will you use – dumbbells, kettle bells, TRX, resistance bands etc.  Try to utilize different gear often – this keeps your body on it toes, so to speak and will challenge muscle groups slightly differently. As well, each different training apparatus has a different kinetic interaction with the body so take advantage of that whenever you can.

The Where is also important – the where, as I like to say, will you “CRUSH IT”.  That can depend on your What – let’s say you want to do strength training but are using a TRX system – that will be hard if you are on the beach since you need something to anchor the system to such as a tree or fixed structure of some sort.   The where can also be inspiring –one workout I did while away in the Hamptons was on an athletic field and I used the football field for my workout area.

I found myself using the 10-yard lines as markers for different foot drills and ended up running “suicides” (basketball sprint drills) with those same markers later in the workout.  It took me back to my high school days of playing sports practicing on the fields. So fun!

I promise if you will put all these pieces together and really, truly start to “mix it up” your workouts will soar to a whole new level.  You will feel inspired to once again stay on point and be that much closer to achieving whatever fitness goals you may have.  And last but not least your body will thank you!

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Rebecca Kordeki

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