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Listen in to my new radio show called Get Lifted where my guests and I discuss all things fitness, diet and healthy living.

My guest on 08/28/14  was Deborah Enos, a Certified Nutritionist and Wellness Speaker based in Seattle WA.

Deborah and her company ‘1 Minute Wellness” have been featured on The Cavuto Show, The Doctors as well as in print in USA Today, Parade Magazine, Women’s Sports and Fitness and Self Magazine.

Deborah’s book Weight a Minute! Transform Your Health in 60 Seconds a Day offers people on the go effective tips for lasting health benefits to their overly scheduled lives.

Today’s show is about wellness.  But really what is wellness? I think it can mean different things to different people.

For me wellness has always meant when there is a balance in all of our realms of life.

These realms include not only the physical and mental but spiritual, financial, emotional, social and even sexual.

Having true ongoing wellness isn’t easy. As we all know life can throw us curve balls at any time and which realm that curve ball falls into is random.

Finding a way to have true wellness at all times can be challenging.  But when you arm yourself with the right information and have a strong desire to use it you are setting yourself up for a win.

Listen in as Deborah and I discuss various ways to create wellness in all areas of your life.

Rebecca Kordeki

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