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GE T  L I F T E D!

Listen in to my new radio show called Get Lifted where my guests and I discuss all things fitness, diet and healthy living.

My guest on 11/20/14 was Ahlea Khadro, the co-author along with Louise Hay and Heather Dane, of the new book  Loving Yourself To Great Health!

Ahlea is the founder and owner of Soulstice, a Center for Optimal Living & Rehabilitation through yoga, reformer Pilates, meditative practices, and nutrition.

She specializes in: visceral manipulation, cranio-sacral therapy, holistic and nutritional support, emotional release techniques, and electromagnetic field (EMF) remediation.

In my Interview with Ahlea we covered everything from Pilates, Yoga, Neti Pots to Ayurveda.  We also discussed the new book Loving Yourself To Great Health.


As always, remember Move More. Eat Better. Forgive Often.



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