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Rebecca’s longtime focus on sculpting healthy bodies through functional training has continued to prove to be a successful and sustainable method to achieving a truly fit physique.

“I believe that creating a strong yet fit body is the key. Big muscles may look good, but they don’t always have the flexibility and functionality for lifting a heavy bag off of the ground, carrying a baby on your hip, or enjoying a weekend game of tennis without injury,” says Rebecca.

Rebecca’s workouts are a blend of many modalities: strength exercises, core moves, balance drills, and interval training are a few of her favorites. Every session moves her clients closer to their desired look and feel for a well-rounded, functional, and fit body.

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Have a group of friends or family you would love to have a boot camp designed for?

Rebecca can design a fun & functional outdoors boot camp for any group. Just tell her what your group’s goals are and she will customize the program to fit your needs. Fitness bootcamps can be ongoing and onsite or a one-off program.

There is nothing better than group support and the accountability that happens organically when a community shares their fitness and health goals with each other.

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Don’t live in Los Angeles? That’s ok ! Y ou can still benefit from Rebecca’s wealth of knowledge. She has designed a highly-effective virtual fitness training program that will allow every body type to take advantage of her years of personal training experience !

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