Breathwork Teacher Training – Virtual Module 1



The Breath Zone Teacher Training Module 1 covers all of the fundamentals of Breathwork plus the science behind the breath, how to prepare yourself for teaching, exercises for releasing some of your own baggage, and how to teach private sessions and couples plus marketing your business.

Please note: Virtual hours  | Friday – Sunday 1:00PM CST – 6:30 PM CST 

In-Person Trainings: We are hoping to start back with in-person trainings towards the end of the year. If not, January 2022 will be our first in person!

LOCATIONS: (for in-person) The exact address for in-person teacher trainings will be given once you reserve your spot. If you want to check travel arrangements for a specific city/area prior to booking please send an email to to receive further details in advance of booking.

Policy: The Breath Zone reserves the right to move a training when a minimum of 6-8 people have not signed up for the training. If you were planning to attend that date you will have 1 year to attend any future training which is usually scheduled every other month.