Rebecca Kordecki's 14 Day Fat Flush and Booty Lift Program


NEW 14 Day Fat Flush and Booty Lift Program 

This is my new 14 Day Fat Flush & Booty Lift Program and I have to be honest it’s relatively intense.  But if you want results, you have to commit to making a change.  You will work hard for two weeks BUT the results will come fast and will be inspiring if you really follow the program.

Some of you will lose six to 10 pounds during these two weeks. Obviously, results will vary and will be determined by how hard you work and how much you adhere to the diet plan. Here’s how it works: 

Every day for two weeks you will have access to a different online workout led by me along with a meal plan to follow consisting of fat flushing foods and guidelines for maximizing fat loss during these 14 days.  It will take strong willpower, but if you work hard, follow the meal plan and stick to it –  the results will come. 

To kick off the launch of this NEW program, the first 20 people to sign up will will get the program for $69 instead of the price it will be offered for in March – $89.  So if you want to take advantage of this intro offer email us now at

Come on – let’s GET LIFTED! 


Rebecca Kordeki

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