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RK FIT Picks – Lorna Jane Active

Welcome to my new blog post section called RK FIT PICKS where I will be sharing some of my favorite go to fitness gear, fitness clothing, diet/nutrition gadgets and miscellaneous things which can give you the edge on your journey to Fit Your Life!

With this new section I am hoping to highlight some great companies and brands that you may or may not have heard of before so if you know of a company that makes truly great #fityourlife sort of products send me an email and tell me about them!                                                                                      

But before I dive right in and sing the praises of this line, I’m going to come right out and say it, yes it’s pricey, but if you think about it – so is our favorite skin care product, so is our favorite hair stylist, so is our favorite pair of jeans.  Not to mention, most of the really good quality fitness wear brands are expensive from Lucy to Athleta to Lululemon (which I have more to say about later in this post) and yep, even Nike.

So come on, let’s face it ladies (and men!) when we can, we will pay for the right fitness/active wear providing it makes us look great and can stand the test of time as we crush workout after workout!  There’s no shame in saying, the right outfit really can impact how we feel when we step foot in a fitness class, yoga class, the gym or even just head out for a run!

And the wrong outfit can ruin a potentially great workout. Whether it’s bad stitching, tight in all the wrong places, bunching up at the waist or just not breathable or moisture wicking which leads to that awful overheated feeling. Our fitness clothes matter!

Case in point, yesterday I had one of my best treadmill runs ever (and that’s saying a lot because I don’t usually enjoy running on a treadmill) and the only thing that was different was I was wearing my new Lorna Jane Hoodie.  Ok, admittedly I stink at “Selfies” but wanted to at least include one here:) And below mine is the website picture of the LJ Hoodie…ah, what great lighting, the right camera and a crew can do:)

Everything fit in all the right places, the fabric at my waist was just the perfect fit, the thumb holes weren’t too tight, the hoodie actually laid flat and didn’t bounce on my back (annoying when this happens) the fabric (a special Lorna Jane Excel Mesh Fabric) performed so well that I knew I was drenched from the run but didn’t feel drenched!

I can go on and on about this newly discovered clothing line…but, well ok I shall.

Speaking of hoodies, I happen to be a hoodie “freak” – I can never have enough.  So when I found the new Sport Bra Hoodie I was elated!  It’s so cute and fun!  It’s actually perfect for when you want the look of a hoodie but not all the fabric that would normally come when wearing them.  Brilliant idea! In all my hoodie searches I had never seen this until perusing the Lorna Jane website.

I mean what’s not to love – this line is fab.


Best things about it:


  • It was founded by a woman – Lorna Jane Clarkson – for women!
  • Started over 25 years ago in Australia – one of the first to begin designing women’s fitness clothing! Gotta love the Aussie’s.
  • Their motto is so perfect. Move. Nourish. Believe.  A simple, spot on creed that we all – both women AND men should be embracing on our fitness journeys.
  • The colors are fun, if that’s your thing, if not, they also have the traditional “my fat is going to a funeral” black which I tend to prefer.

I absolutely love the fun, yet spot on design and vibe of the line.  It even has a bit of the Victoria Secret Pink thing going on with the mottos on the front of shirts and down a pant leg.

I know everyone’s not into having writing on their clothing, but I find it’s sort of cool to wear clothes that potentially motivates others (even if only subconsciously) when they “read” your your body as you walk by.

I’m just being honest, people will read you – it’s subliminal marketing and it works.  Who doesn’t know the Victoria Secret’s Pink line? See what I mean?

The great thing about the line is they have both options- you can wear fun mottos and sayings or just go basic and sporty.  From fab Hoodies, to perfect fitting 3/4 Tights to cozy cover up Jackets – you definitely should check them out! Your body and spirit will thank you because your workouts will rock every time!

Before I wrap this up I do want to say one last thing about why I gave my old favorite Lululemon the boot in exchange for the Lorna Jane brand.

I don’t know about you, but personally, I take issue with most of the disrespectful and insensitive things the founder Chip Wilson (who has since stepped down) of Lululemon was quoted as saying about women and the company’s stance on things in general.  I won’t get into specific here things here, but if you’re interested  here’s the article with Mr. Wilson’s lovely (be sure to catch my sarcastic tone here) quips.

I personally prefer to supports brands that uplift, inspire and have a mission to motivate ALL women no matter what size or shape (size 14 and over included Chip!)

Lastly, if you do decide to try some of the Lorna Jane clothing please note the in store return policy (I mention this because some people have expressed their frustration with it via online forums), which is a return for store credit only within two weeks.  To that I say, every company has a policy, LJ’s just happens to be a little stricter than most.  So before purchasing be sure you love what you choose and if you aren’t sure, be sure you love the brand enough to want to spend the money there on a different item.  But all purchases made online can be returned for a full refund if within 14 days.

Check them out online at or follow them on twitter @LornaJaneActive where they have a great community with wonderful fitness info and inspirational messages daily. They also have 25 stores now open in the U.S., 24 in California and 1 in Texas!

Move. Nourish. Believe.  Funny how very similar their motto is to mine.


Rebecca Kordeki

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