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To jumpstart their fitness program, I believe that what most of my clients really need is a well-designed and fully CUSTOMIZED body and lifestyle specific plan.  This is exactly where my virtual coaching program comes in.

Together you and I will dive into your current routine looks like (no matter what it looks like), talk about what stumbling blocks are in your way, as well as the diet and meal plan you follow.

We will then discuss what your ultimate goals are, and delve into the most important question: what sort of commitment are you willing to make to get there?

Right out of the gate, I will ask for your 150% commitment to work with me and the plan we create together.

If you aren’t willing to do the work, this will be a waste of your time and money. Sorry, just keeping it real. But if you are, and will come to me “all in,” together we WILL get you there!

I will be tough on you in the beginning to get your firm commitment — after being in this industry for over 20 years, and working with thousands of clients and groups, the one common denominator why people fail with their fitness goals is a simple lack of commitment and consistency.

But… the best news about working with me is that I am very passionate and driven to help every single client of mine reach their goals. You will have me in your corner every step of the way.

Once you sign up for either my RKFIT Best Body Ever or my RKFIT Fueled Up Diet Program, (or better yet both!) you will have email access to me and I will always answer your questions within 48 hours or less.

You will also have some extra text access to me in the first couple of weeks as you get up on your feet with the program(s), just in case you need extra encouragement in the beginning.


Here’s How It Works:

RKFIT’s Best Body Ever Program

This program includes: a 30-day customized training program, 

2.5 hours of Skype/Phone time with me

1 Hour Skype Consultation

Our first contact will be after you have filled out my lifestyle/health/fitness goals questionnaire where we will discuss all of that information and then together we will decide what are truly realistic body and fitness goals for you given your current life commitments etc.

I also require a full body front, side and rear picture of you for not only body type but also for postural assessment etc. Full disclosure – I will want to be able to use this as a “before” picture once you complete the training program if you feel satisfied with the results and consent to my use of the image.

Also, if you have not chosen to include the RKFIT Fueled Up Diet Program I will ask about your diet to determine if your current eating habits and nutrition plan will support our work together. If not, I will give some suggestions but won’t be able to truly help you reach your goals if your diet is not on point.

You’ve probably heard the sayings “You can’t out train a bad diet” or “abs are made in the kitchen” or “diet is 75% of reaching your body/fitness goals”. Yes, they’re all true.

At that time you may decide it makes sense to add my RK FIT Fueled Up Diet Program to your package, if so your results will happen faster and be more sustainable.

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