The Secret To A Healthy And Balanced Lifestyle: Introduction To Rebecca's Secrets

The Secret To A Healthy And Balanced Lifestyle: Introduction To Rebecca's Secrets

I suppose we all have an opinion on what the true secret to a healthy and balanced lifestyle is…and it can be different for everyone but in my opinion and what my many, many steps on this planet has taught me is that the secret is really just showing up, committing to doing ALL the work in ALL the realms (hint: not just the physical…read on to see what I mean) and getting up and back in the saddle no matter how many times life knocks you down!

Also, you may be wondering why I would choose to use the word Booty along with body and especially breath in the title of my new blog.

Well, we all know the word booty and the obsession with having one has blown up over the past 5+ years thanks to Kim Kardashian, JLO and Nicky Minaj.

But on the flip side the word “booty” can also have different off color connotations.

So I did think long and hard about the title and using it on my HOME PAGE as this is the first impression and I wanted to be careful not to turn anyone off…but then I decided it rings true for me so let me do some explaining…

First off all, I sort of can’t escape the word Booty – after all I did create a workout that did do 1 million in sales called Booty Slide! And I was then branded as “The Booty Guru” so it’s not a word I can hide from.

But taking it all a step further here’s why

Booty • Body • Breath is my new tagline and theme for my website going forward.

We are all familiar with the phrase Mind • Body • Spirit and how it refers to a union of all three of these realms to really find the right balance and harmony in our lives.

So my journey over the past several years has been about being more aware of the importance of the
“trinity” effect and finding that balance because for years I was definitely out of alignment.

I put way too much focus on the physical realm, whether it was in the gym training or pursuing a new fitness goal, i.e., fitness competitions, running marathons, adventure race training etc. this left me little time to incorporate the mind and spirit.

Looking back I am clear this way a form of escape for me, a way to feel safe and protected from things I didn’t want to work on from past traumas etc.

In my physical realm I was in charge, the boss…the stronger and more fit I was the safer I felt.

After many years of sort of fumbling around from relationship to relationship and realizing even my own relationship with myself feeling challenged I knew something had to change.

So what, I had an awesome body, was strong and lean but my heart and soul were withering away.

This is when I started to take a deeper look at everything in my life and had to admit to myself that things were out of alignment!

I started exploring meditation, yoga, breathwork and cognitive behavioral therapy as a way to shed some of what was weighing down my spirit. I needed to unlock the secret to my happiness and a more joyful life.

I went after these things like I do everything in my life, full boar ahead. I immersed myself in regular therapy, started meditating every day and did breathwork as and when needed.

Eventually things started shifting, I felt lighter inside, I let go of the dark cloak I had been wearing as a shield to protect me from life and I truly began to understand that life is a constant evolution of our mind, body and spirit.

If we want to be the best version of ourselves at some point we will be faced with a decision about how we want to walk through this life and what we are willing to do to become that!

We can choose the easy path which doesn’t usually involve going deep, experiencing uncomfortable emotions and pushing our of our comfort zones OR we can choose to rise to the occasion of our lives and go after anything and everything that might be standing in the way of us living life to the fullest!

Ok, ok got off a little tangent but let me bring it full circle. So where booty body breath fits in – I see this as my version of mind, body spirit.

The Breakdown


To me, the “booty” is code for our superficial materialistic parts of ourselves. Ok, let’s call a spade a spade. Its basically our ego self and we all have one.

Right I mean come on who doesn’t want a six pack or toned legs, big “guns” and especially for women – we are in the age of the booty, where having either a big one, a rounder one or a lifted one is all the rage.

I’m not going to deny this part of myself, as I don’t see anything wrong with having body goals but the key is to stay in balance with the rest of our lives as we go after them.

In this section of the blog I will share tips and tricks for getting any body goals you may have, so you’ll see titles like My Top 6 Abs Exercises and The 5 Butt Exercises YOU Must Do etc. or Is It Better To Do 20 Minutes of HIIT Or An Hour Of Basic Strength Training?

This area will mostly be exercise or methodology based with the intent to help you achieve your personal body goals quickly and efficiently.


The word “body” is code for all things caring for the body, our temple that houses the gems of our being…our spirit, heart and soul.

This area will cover topics like The 3 Best Foods To Eat After A Workout and Do I Really Need Recovery Days? or What Is Intermittent Fasting And Does It Really Help You Lose Weight?

I will also share information and thoughts on how best to rejuvenate and refresh the body when your feeling lethargic or just burnt out from over training.

Since I am also a professional licensed massage therapist for over 16 years now I will share info about the importance of stretching, getting regular massage and even how to self massage achy, nagging body parts.


The word “Breath” is code for the spirit and soul. Even though I had meditated for many years and explored variations of breathwork also, it wasn’t until a year ago that I discovered a new style of breathwork that I now refer to as the “gateway drug to meditation.”

As a bonus, it is also like having your own built in cognitive behavior therapist.

After years of talk therapy and never really finding a release of painful memories or childhood traumas this style of breathwork has finally been a conduit to allowing emotions to come up as needed yet in a cathartic way, so that after every breathwork session I am not left feeling stuck, rather I feel clearer and lighter than ever before.

This breathwork has changed my life so much that I got certified to teach it and it has now become part of my mission to share breathwork with as many people as I can who are willing to experience it.

In my humble opinion if everyone learned even just one basic breathing exercise and used it when stressed out or angry or sad, our planet would be a more joyful, peaceful place.

So to help spread the word in this section of the blog you will see topics like “How Does Breathwork Really Shift Emotions?” and “5 Top Morning Rituals Of Successful People” or “Why Can’t I Quiet My Monkey Mind And Simple Ways To Help Do It?”

And finally, I will be answering questions either via a short video or blog in a new section called RKFIT BITS.

Please note this is an open call to encourage you all to send in your questions related to any of the above areas that interest you and I get on answering them asap!

Send questions to info@rebeccakordecki.com

So excited for the launch of this new website and blog and getting back to what I love doing which is sharing inspiration and information with the goal of Lifting, Shifting and fingers crossed…Transforming lives one body at a time!

Rebecca Kordeki

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