Stop Dieting And Reset Yourself

Stop Dieting And Reset Yourself

It’s not everyday that something in the wellness, fitness or diet industry wows me but I have to say that I recently came across an amazing new company whose program can be a game changer and quite possibly your silver bullet when it comes to your diet and health.

I’ve been in the industry long enough now (18 years and counting) that I’ve seen so many fad diets, trendy workouts and shiny fitness gimmicks come and go.

And it’s so refreshing when I discover something that can really make a difference in my clients’ lives!

In the past when working with clients there would be situations where no matter how hard a client trained with me and how “clean and lean” their diet was when away from me, their scale and body fat percentage just wouldn’t budge.

We both would be beyond frustrated as we tried different things to tip the scale – often times to no avail.

In many cases it was something wreaking havoc internally that wasn’t easily identified through normal testing procedures or consultations with their doctors, holistic professionals, nutritionists etc.

Enter Reset Yourself – a hair testing analysis company – that not only offers a metabolic blueprint of your body inner workings, but also details what sort of toxic metal overload your body may be struggling with whether Mercury, Copper, Lead, or Aluminum etc.

Additionally, the hair test identifies deficiencies in Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium and up to 21 other toxic metals and minerals.

The hair test also reveals what type of oxidizer you are; slow, fast or mixed which informs how you “burn” the food you consume and how your body converts that food into energy.

This is ultra important when choosing the type of “diet” (not referring to restrictive eating here – it’s more about a meal planning style) you should be consuming.

You may be thinking “can’t I just take a simple blood test and find all this out?”

Sure, with a blood test you’ll be able to find some of this information but it’s more of a current status snapshot of what’s going on in the body as opposed to the hair test analysis which analyzes information on the cellular level going back as long as 3-6 months.

If you want to learn more about the differences between a hair test and a blood test check this article out http://arltma.com/Newsletters/BloodvsHairNews.htm

Ok, back to Reset Yourself (http://www.resetyourself.com).  While Reset Yourself did start out as a hair mineral testing and analysis company they’ve evolved into so much more.

Now along with your hair test analysis and consultation you’ll also find wonderful organic beauty products, nutritional supplements, a 21 day cleansing detox plan and something I’m really looking forward to — their new Mindset Program.

Reset Yourself Mindset will offer webinars and programs aimed at taking care of our minds and spirits through breath work, meditation and yoga.

And following the launch of the Reset Yourself Mindset program, they will be releasing something I’m equally excited about, Reset Your Booty, a fitness program that’s low impact, core and booty focused and can be done in 15 to 60 minutes segments each day.

And, yep it’s based on my own signature Booty Slide® workout!

Full disclosure here, I was so thoroughly impressed by everything Reset Yourself and the founders Michele Periquet and Firouze Zeroual are doing that I recently joined the company in the capacity of Fitness & Wellness consultant.

Take a peek at this great video about how the concept for Reset Yourself was born: https://youtu.be/-e67E-L_aiESo

Also, here’s my latest Get Lifted Radio show interview with the Reset Yourself ladies! https://rebeccakordecki.com//getliftedradio/

Simply put it’s never too late to Reset Yourself!

Check them (us) out on Instagram and Twitter at @resetyourself

re·set transitive verb
• to move (something) back to an original place or position
• to set again or anew ~ “Reset the alarm.”
• to change the reading of, often to zero ~ “Reset the odometer.”
to put back in the correct position for healing ~ “Reset a bone.” ~ Reset Yourself!

Have questions – send an email to rkordecki@resetyourself.com


Rebecca Kordeki

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