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Butt Lifting Stair Workout

There really is no way to “slide” (unless your Booty Sliding) to a head turning lower body other than pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone – beyond easy street. If there were, we would all have whiplash – because we’d spend our entire day gawking at women with great buns and thighs. In my opinion […]

Are You Addicted To Spinning?

Have your friends been giving you a rough time for your die-hard love of spinning? Do they nudge you that maybe you should add some other workouts into your routine besides Spin? Have you questioned your own obsession with it? If you answered yes to the above questions you may be addicted to spinning and […]

One Minute Wellness | Get Lifted Radio

GE T  L I F T E D! Listen in to my new radio show called Get Lifted where my guests and I discuss all things fitness, diet and healthy living. My guest on 08/28/14  was Deborah Enos, a Certified Nutritionist and Wellness Speaker based in Seattle WA. Deborah and her company ‘1 Minute Wellness” have […]

7 Ways To Find Your Fitness Motivation

Why is it that some people always seem to be motivated and can maintain their diet and fitness goals and others just can’t seem to stop falling off the fitness “wagon”? The short answer is that it’s different for each person. Some people struggle with carving out time in their day, others struggle with not […]

Top 7 Butt Lifting Tips

Over the years the one body part women have asked me about the most has been the butt. How to lift it, how to firm it, how to lose it, and now thanks to Kim Kardashian and JLO, women also want to know how to build or enhance it! And since I’ve been tagged the […]

Celebrity Trainer Releases Booty Slide Fitness App

PRESS RELEASE:  Booty Slide Fitness APP – This Is The First Slide Training Workout APP Available on iTunes For Customizable and Express Workouts Beverly Hills, California (May 5, 2014)— Celebrity Trainer Rebecca Kordecki, owner of RK FIT in Beverly Hills California, has been the go-to trainer for Los Angeles and New York Celebrities, professional athletes and […]

Rebecca Kordecki Named Best of the Best Personal Trainer

Thank you –  to all my wonderful clients and to Dan’s Papers for voting me Best of the Best Personal Trainer in the Hamptons again this year.  That’s two years running…not bad for only being on the east coast for a few years now!   It feels so amazing to be able to do what […]

Curious What Booty Slide® Is?

July 19th, 2010  3:56PM So after much thought given to the name of the workout – my team and I came to the decision that to really honor the integrity and intensity of this workout I created three years ago, the name would have to change.  I have struggled for a while with this issue […]

No OR Low Impact Workouts

July 14th, 2010    5:44AM Okay, so you all know that of course I am a huge fan of my own “no or low” workout – Booty Slide® – soon to be officially renamed KOR+, but in addition to my creation, two other fabulous workouts you can do to strengthen, tone and burn calories are […]

No Excuses!

July 7th, 2010    6:14AM This is just my two cents on all the excuses I hear for not having time or energy to workout. In my humble opinion there really is NO excuse – If you want something bad enough – there is always a way to achieve it.   So pick something you […]

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