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Top 5 Tips For Choosing A Breathwork Teacher Training Certification

Ok, so you’ve just taken your first breathwork class and just had your first “WTF just happened experience” (if you’re not familiar with why I use this phrase click here to read my previous blog titled, Breathwork WTF Just Happened…) As you are leaving the class still buzzing, tingling, wiping tears from your ears and […]

The Secret To A Healthy And Balanced Lifestyle: Introduction To Rebecca’s Secrets

Celebrity-Personal-Trainer-Sports Massage-Therapist-Beverly-Hills-Brentwood-Pacific-Palisades-West-Hollywood-

I suppose we all have an opinion on what the true secret to a healthy and balanced lifestyle is…and it can be different for everyone but in my opinion and what my many, many steps on this planet has taught me is that the secret is really just showing up, committing to doing ALL the […]

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