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Understanding Your Core Muscles

Whether you read a health and fitness magazine or watch any healthy lifestyle related show it is almost impossible to do so without hearing something about the importance of core strength. From fitness trainers, to rehab therapists to your general doctor – core training is literally on the tips of everyone’s tongues. It looks and […]

Working Out Your Core – The Basics

Any movement that requires your muscles to work hard to balance the body or stabilize the spine challenges the musculature of the core. There are many types of programs and equipment on the market that work the core. So many in fact, that knowing where to start can be a challenge in itself. Let’s break […]

“Waking Up” in Central Park – Boot Camp Style

  Tuesday 8:08 September 11th 2011 I kicked off my new RK Fitness Boot Camp in Central Park this past Sunday – it was my way of honoring the day (Sept 11th).  It really is a gift to be a able to exercise our bodies through training – and sports in such an unbelievably wonderful […]

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