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Do You Know Your Fit-Q?

What’s a Fit-Q you maybe be asking? Well, it’s your fitness personality. It’s what makes you tick when it comes to exercise! You may not know it now, but hopefully by the end of this post you will. I know mine. It’s usually “beast mode” or anything “Rocky” style training for me. I just don’t […]

Get Your “Healthy Back” in 2012

Thursday 8:55 AM December 22, 2011 Get your “healthy back” in 2012!  Otherwise known as your fitness “Mojo”.  Maybe you had a year of “starts and stops” with your fitness – maybe you almost…but never quite started – or maybe you started – went full steam ahead, but found yourself burnt out by years end […]

Not in the Mood – Get Motivated

When you don’t feel like exercising… Tell me about it! How do you self motivate? Over the years I found a trick that works for me is by scheduling myself in my own appointment book as a client.  I schedule myself like I would any other important appointment.  The fun part of the appointment is […]

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