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Just K.I.S.S. It To Get Your Summer Beach Body

Summer is only 8-10 weeks away but who’s counting! Meeeee! So if you are like me, you may have started thinking ok – time to tighten up and tone up to get my summer beach body rockin’. Then this is the perfect blog to take a few minutes to read (warning in advance: it is […]

Healthy Heart Healthy You | Get Lifted Radio

GE T  L I F T E D! Listen in to my new radio show called Get Lifted where my guests and I discuss all things fitness, diet and healthy living. My guest on 9/21/14 was Dr. Cynthia Thaik the author of the best selling book YOUR VIBRANT HEART.  Dr. Cynthia is a Harvard-trained, heart […]

Be Fit While Traveling

As fitness professional it’s always important to me to stay fit and lean while traveling. I know it’s also a common concern for many of my clients and peers. Whether by plane, train or automobile –  yes, it can be challenging at times to maintain your normal bodyweight and current fitness level while away from […]


Wednesday 10:17  Sept 14th, 2011 There just isn’t enough time in a day, no matter how I stretch it – rise an hour earlier – go to sleep an hour later – I still feel like there is no way to catch up.  The piles on the desk continue to multiply – albeit, very very […]

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