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How To Get The Most Out Of Your HIIT Workout

Ok so you just signed up for Class Pass or a new gym and you want to check out some classes. You’ve heard that HIIT training is awesome and it’s all the rage so decide to give it a try – but then you freeze – because you’ve also heard it can involve sprinting and […]

How To Bust Out Of A Fitness Plateau

You’ve seen them – the peeps in the gym whose bodies just never seem to change.  They’ve sort of become like a fixture at the gym yet you can’t get over the fact that they look exactly the same today as they did last year or even 2 or 3 years ago. Or even more […]

Five Easy Ways to Get the Best Use From Your Home Treadmill

The number one fear that people have when investing in a home treadmill (or any piece of exercise equipment) is that they won’t use it. You know the story. It gets delivered, you set it up and enjoy it for a few days…and then it sits…and waits. A few months down the road, you notice […]

The Fastest Way to Burn FAT! HIIT Training

Caution: This is a serious workout and you should always check with your physician before attempting or adding in new methods of training. Ok, seriously, this training style kicks butt!  Not only does High Intensity Interval Training, otherwise known as HIIT, burn more calories per session than a regular “aerobic” based workout – it revs […]

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