YES YOU CAN! Work With Rebecca Virtually

I believe that sometimes all most of my current and previous clients really need is a well-designed, customized, body and lifestyle specific plan to jump-start their fitness program. And that’s where my virtual coaching program comes in.

Together you and I will dive into what your current routine (if you have one) looks like, what stumbling blocks are in your way and what your current diet and meal plan you follow.  Then we will discuss what your ultimate goals are and what sort of time commitment you are willing to make to get there.

Right out the gate I will ask for your 150% commitment to working with me and the plan we create together.  If you aren’t willing to do the work this will be a waste of your time and money.  Sorry, just keeping it real.  But if you are will come to me “all in” together we will get you there!

So, I will be tough on you in the beginning to get your firm commitment because after being in this industry for over 20 years and working with thousands of clients and groups the one common denominator to why people fail with the fitness goals is simply lack of commitment and consistency.

But the best news about working with me is I am very passionate and driven to help each and every single one of my clients reach their goals.  You will have me in your corner every step of the way.

And once you sign up for either my RKFIT Best Body Ever or my RKFIT Fueled Up Diet Program or better yet both, you will have email access to me where I will answer your questions within 48 hours or sooner.

Also, you will have some extra text access to me in the first couple of weeks as you get up on your feet with the program(s) as you may need extra encouragement in the beginning.

Here’s How It Works: 

RKFIT’s Best Body Ever Program 

Note: This program includes a 30 day customized training program, 2.5 hours of Skype/Phone time with me.

1 Hour Skype Consultation

Our first contact will be after you have filled out my lifestyle/health/fitness goals questionnaire where we will discuss all of that information and then together we will decide what are truly realistic body and fitness goals for you given your current life commitments etc.  I also require a full body front, side and rear picture of you for not only body type but also for postural assessment etc.

Full disclosure – I will want to be able to use this as a “before” picture once you complete the training program if you feel satisfied with the results and consent to my use of image.

Also, if you have not chosen to include the RKFIT Fueled Up Diet Program I will ask about your diet to determine if your current eating habits and nutrition plan will support our work together.  If not, I will give some suggestions but won’t be able to truly help you reach your goals if your diet is not on point.

You’ve probably heard the sayings “You can’t out train a bad diet” or “abs are made in the kitchen” or “diet is 75% of reaching your body/fitness goals”.  Yes, they’re all true.  At that time you may decide it makes sense to add my RK FIT Fueled Up Diet Program to your package, if so your results will happen faster and be more sustainable.

Designing Your Program

After this call I will design a 30 day program that can be used for up to 3 months or more by simply mixing and matching workouts, tailored for your body, your life schedule and your goals that will get you where you want to go in a realistic time frame provided you show up and really “do the work”.  You will receive this within 3-5 days of our call.

Again, I need your full 150% commitment here!! I say 150% because most people think they are giving 100% already when I consult with them but once we really drill it down it becomes clear they are not really giving their all – so I ask for even more – this way – even if you fall short sometimes you are still hitting 100%. See how I did that there?

Don’t worry, I will always have little tips and tricks that will make this process less overwhelming. After all, I eat – breathe and sleep fitness and health.  So, yes I know a few ways to get you there!

Check out this review from my current client Erica F.

“Rebecca is a powerhouse.  She makes every training session fun, challenging and inspiring. My body immediately started to change— abs, arms and the appearance of the “candy dish” on my backside. Her style is the perfect mix of boot camp toughness sprinkled with a dose of sugar. I just turn 41 and I can honestly say I am in the best shape of my life since training with Rebecca!”

30-Minute Skype Program Review

Once I send you your customized RKFIT Best Body Ever Program we will go over it via Skype or phone.  I will share my thoughts on why I have chosen specific workout styles or exercises or even session time frames.  You can ask any questions about the routines, exercise form, workout modalities etc. during that session.

Of course, you will always be able to follow up with email questions as well once you start getting into the daily routine with your new program.

30-Minute 30 Day Review Call

During this call we will assess where you’re at with the program, how you feel about your progress and we will compare actual data, i.e., your weight, your “after” picture and body fat if applicable.  Assuming you will have gotten close to or surpassed your goal (because you will have given me the 150% I asked for on day 1 right☺) we will determine whether it makes sense to continue working together at that point and if so we will discuss my RKFIT Best Body Ever follow up program.

RK’s Fueled Up Diet Program

Note: This program includes a customized 14-day meal plan, shopping list, kitchen makeup guide and 3 hours of Skype/phone time with me.

If you have chosen this option of working with me virtually the first step will be to fill out my diet and health questionnaire.  You will also need to provide me with a 3 day food journal that includes everything you consume for 3 days along with estimated portions and times of day you are eating etc. This gives me a better understanding of what your current eating habits are like and the foods you currently gravitate towards.

1 Hour Skype Consultation

Once I have received all your initial information back we will schedule a Skype call to go over your food journal.  I like doing this first contact via Skype because a lot of times my clients faces and eyes tell me more about what’s really going on with their relationship to food than their mouths do. So it’s important I can “see” you during this initial call.  I will help you see if there are some habits we can change right out the gate that may immediately shift your relationship with food and often times my clients see results in the first week of catching and switching these habits.

Check out my past client Michele G.’s testimonial here:

As a diet coach, Rebecca helped me change my diet habits in no time. We had one in-person consultation that involved her asking me a series of questions about my goals, my meals and my workout routine.

She attentively listened to what I wanted to accomplish but lacked the knowledge to do on my own. Previously, I was on a low-carb, high-protein diet, which left me feeling hungry, and did not provide me with enough energy to do high-intensity interval training. I felt stuck.

Rebecca was a great source of inspiration and motivation. Because of the individualized attention she gave me, she was able to customize and tailor a meal plan specifically designed for me. And I loved her recommendations!

For example, instead of buying pizza, I now make my own Ezekiel pizza through a recipe she gave me. Another favorite of mine is the protein shake she taught me how to make. By sticking to her recommendations, I feel so much better about my body because I have enough energy to work out and I see myself slimming down. I am so happy with the results!

Once we discuss all relevant food and diet issues/questions you may have I will design your 14 day meal plan with plenty of options for extending it into a 28-day meal plan by mixing and matching foods and meals. You will receive that within 3-5 days of our call.

30 Minute RK FIT Fueled Up Review Call

We will discuss the plan I have created for you and you can ask any questions you have about the plan during that call.  We will review to be sure it is something you are willing to commit to 150% if not, we will make changes during our call.  Of course, you will still have email access to me to ask any other questions that may arise along the way.  Please always give me 48 hours to respond.

2 Follow Up Calls

During the 4 weeks you will have 2 additional calls to be used over the next 4 weeks. These are short 15-30 minute calls where we determine if everything is still working on your plan.

You will need to give me honest feedback about how your feeling on the Fueled Up plan i.e., “Rebecca, the food is yummy but I feel full from eating more than I am used to” or “Hey RK I miss having my _____(insert favorite binge food here) and I am experiencing cravings what can we do”.  This sort of feedback will be critical to your long-term success.

If you are truly serious about taking your body, fitness and nutrition to the next level – stop thinking about it and take the next step!