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"Waking Up" in Central Park – Boot Camp Style


Tuesday 8:08 September 11th 2011

I kicked off my new RK Fitness Boot Camp in Central Park this past Sunday – it was my way of honoring the day (Sept 11th).  It really is a gift to be a able to exercise our bodies through training – and sports in such an unbelievably wonderful space.  Central Park is my gym!  I can’t imagine a better place to “wake up” our body on a daily basis than in that park.  Of all the wonderful things in NYC – the park “stole my heart” many years ago the first time I ran the “loop” in the early morning hours and watched the sun rise and bounce its light off the buildings.  The juxtaposition of the beauty and serenity of the park with the vision of the high rises that symbolize the fast paced hustle bustle of the city – is quite something!  I just wanted to take a minute here to thank everyone who has committed to my boot camp and to themselves to get in shape or maybe just take it to the next level.  Thank you for  showing up ready to work hard, sweat and most importantly – have fun getting fit.

After all – getting fit without the fun – is really still like a job. My goal in my classes and with my clients is to mix in a bit of playfulness along the way.  Most of us already have a job – getting in shape shouldn’t have to feel like another one.  Don’t get me wrong here – YES – it takes commitment – YES – it takes focus – but I don’t believe that having a great physique and being fit should feel like a life sentence at Rikers Island.  So remember – we all have this great big playground toward the tip of Manhattan – she’s just waiting for you to come and play!  For more info on my boot camps see my RK Fitness Boot Camp page.

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Rebecca Kordeki

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