What's Your Story? The Law of Attraction

November 4th, 9:45AM

I felt compelled this morning to write about creating positive change by changing the way you think and speak.  I hope that some of what I share today, while certainly not a new concept, may resonate in a way that will enact positive changes on your journey to fitness and wellness or any other area you are seeking to change.

If it’s true that “we are what we eat” – then doesn’t it make sense that “we are what we think”.  Or better yet, what we speak!  How many of us start our day with the same grumblings from the day before – the week before – or heck for that matter – from most of our life.   Over the past couple of months I have been working hard on retraining my own thoughts (also called “self-talk”) and my spoken words.  In an effort to really “clean up” all areas of my life that sometimes I just get lazy about, I have caught myself living in a vacuum of negative thought and statements.  Whether about my physical, emotional or financial realm – this self talk when repeated often enough becomes a “mantra”, which by definition, is a group of words that is considered capable of “creating transformation”.  Ouch!! So knowing that – then everything we think, we speak and we repeat is what continues to form our reality.  Even more important than what actually happened yesterday or last week or five years ago are the thoughts we think and the words we speak today.

Complaining about this ache or that pain, or a certain debt or the weight loss goal you still haven’t attained – all of that – only reinforces the continuation of not reaching your true goal or desire.  If you want to be pain free – continuing to remind your body that it aches will only attract more aches and pains; lamenting over a debt you have – will remind the universe that you are broke or indebt – how can you attract money from a feeling of lacking money.  And when you constantly beat yourself up for not reaching your weight loss goal – how do you expect the universe to support you attaining it.  The Law of Attraction, (like attracts like) is a force to be reckoned with – our whole universe exists through it – and so in kind, do the thoughts we vibrate.  You get my drift.  Constant repeating of negative thoughts and statements will only result in more of what you don’t want.  I know this is not the first time you have heard of positive thinking or the Law of Attraction as a way to change your reality.

“Think and Grow” Rich by Napoleon Hill was one of the first popular great books on this subject back in 1937 and now with “The Secret” and the teachings of Abraham etc. all of us have been exposed to the concept of The Law of Attraction in one way or another.  But how many of us really apply it?  How many of us – wake up every day and commit to retraining our thoughts, our words – our mantras for the day? I know, I can hear the excuses now – I know I’ve used a few myself, “ugh – that esoteric crap doesn’t really work” or “it might work for some people but it doesn’t work for me”  or the best one, “come on, seriously, my life is calling and I’m very busy”

Here’s what I say, what have you got to loose by trying it? If you will commit to 28 days or if you are really adventurous, 42 days of ONLY positive self talk – positive statements about your physical, financial, social, mental and emotional realms – I would be eager to hear about some of the great changes you produce in your daily wellbeing.

You’ll be amazed at the new internal POSITIVE monologue that begins playing automatically after just 4 to 6 weeks of practice.  After all, repeated negativity in most of us, really is just a bad habit out of sheer laziness – and if this is true – many studies show that most habits can be broken in 4 to 6 weeks.

Take an inventory of your mantras and your “story”, as this may be the very thing(s) standing in the way between you and achieving all your fitness, relationship or financial goals.  Once you have identified those negative things that are basically on automatic pilot in your head and on your lips – write down a new statement or thought for each one.  Write a new “story”.  Don’t skip this step.  Writing it down is crucial.  Find statements that support what new goals you want and affirm those things you desire with passion.  Assume them, own them and eventually you will have them.  It is all about attracting/drawing those things that you desire to you.   I believe this to be true through my own success with this philosophy.   But hey, even if it’s not true or “doesn’t work for you”, doesn’t it feel a heck of a lot better to say positive uplifting things and think happy, inspiring thoughts than to constantly drag yourself and those around you down with the doom and gloom dance? So again, I say, what have you got to lose?  Create a new story – filled with everything you want and desire – from physical to financial to spiritual and beyond.  Make it rock, make it happy, make it inspirational – it’s YOUR story – what’s it gonna be!?

Rebecca Kordeki

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