When Is the Fear Too Great?

So the question is – When is the “Fear Too Great” – the fear of not fulfilling your goals or dreams greater than the fear of actually fulfilling it, of actually going for it – even it you fail?

I ask this because I realize we all struggle with this paralyzing concept.   I see it regularly in my business with clients who profess over and over again – “I want to get into the best shape of my life this summer” or “this year” or by the “anniversary/wedding” – yet fail over and over to actually “just do it”.

As I catch myself being frustrated with this pattern – I realized I am hardly the one to cast stones– when I too am quilty of doing the very same thing with my own goal/dreams etc.

So over the past six weeks, I have finally immersed myself into the next phase of my career path, which is to write one of three books I have been wanting to write about my journey over the past 20+ in fitness and how I got here – against all possible odds.


I have been talking about it for the last couple of years, and for years I have had one excuse or another why it wasn’t the right time – “I have to focus on building my nest egg – “I can’t afford the “down” time” – or my favorite excuse “I don’t have the luxury to spend endless days, weeks and months writing – I have to make up for all the years I spent finding myself as I aimlessly wandered about the planet in my 20’s!”  Blah, blah, blah!

Meanwhile the burning desire in me to write this book grew greater and greater.  I realized that the incompleteness of NOT fulfilling this desire was creating more pain than to just begin –and commit – and most importantly to see it through.  My desire to write this book and get my information out into the world which will then allow me the opportunity to begin my speaking career and with the grace of God be able one day inspire masses of people in a bigger way with my story and fitness ideas I have lived my life based on for the past twenty years.   It’s taken me a long time to be ready to write this and I recognize I am a late bloomer – but the question I repeat to myself daily now, from the lyrics of Tracy Chapman, is “If Not Now, Then When?”

Here is a book cover I created for inspiration which I keep up on my desktop as I write: The image was shot a few days after the sudden and tragic passing of my dear friend/mentor Mona Miller.   While this is not the actual book cover – it inspires me to write with the utmost truth, integrity and passion.

With that said, the question I posit to us all – is simply when is it enough? When is the pain or fear of not achieving your goals and dreams too great to ignore.  When is that pain of the idea of looking back on your life and seeing a long list of goals not attained or dreams not fulfilled great enough to make you take that leap off the edge, get out of the comfort zone and do it?

Just take a few minutes or an hour and review your goals and dreams.  Really look at which ones still ring true for you – which ones maybe no longer “light you up” and decide to commit to just one this week.  Then take the first step towards seeing it come to fruition.  There is a relief in taking that beginning – first step.  A bit of angst will subside deep inside upon that mere initiation towards completeness.  This much I know to be true!

Enjoy the Journey or as my new saying goes,  “Enjoy the Ouch – After all there is no growth without pain!”


Rebecca Kordeki

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