No OR Low Impact Workouts

July 14th, 2010    5:44AM

Okay, so you all know that of course I am a huge fan of my own “no or low” workout – Booty Slide® – soon to be officially renamed KOR+, but in addition to my creation, two other fabulous workouts you can do to strengthen, tone and burn calories are Spinning and water workouts.  Between these three workouts – your body will love you for giving it a break from things like running and other high impact cardio classes.  If you have any joint issues at all, i.e., pain associated with movements when doing your normal training routines, why not give one or all of the above a try?  What have you got to lose except a few moans and groans as your joints suffer through your typical workouts.  Remember – easy does it – we only get one body – treat it right!

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Rebecca Kordeki

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