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Breathwork for Sports at The Nike + BulletProof Upgrade Labs Breathwork Class on August 11th, 2018

Since working with Rebecca in our private Breathwork sessions I’ve felt a tremendous shift in my overall energy and mood.

Her Breathwork technique has helped me release a lot of pain and trauma, which has made me realize my worth and full potential. Rebecca has helped me understand things about myself that has also helped me make positive shifts in my mental models and life.

Her abundance of love, care, compassion, honesty, and support make our sessions all the more powerful and gratifying. She’s a mentor who I can really trust and rely on. Our sessions are up-lifting and life-changing. 

Natalie Nasr, Actress

The Corporate Breathwork session at our Company retreat with Rebecca was astoundingly intense, but also extremely opening, relaxing and invigorating all at the same time. As someone with a daily meditation practice, I did not expect to reach planes of consciousness that I hadn’t already explored, but I certainly ventured into a newer, more raw area of my subconscious and physically felt lighter when I was finished… it was amazing and I would love to do this again!”
Dave Palic – Stack Commerce Director

Breathwork with Rebecca has literally changed my life! I’m a wellness professional and a junkie for all things holistic health — I’ve tried it all, psychotherapy of various forms, hypnosis, acupuncture, massage, nutrition, yoga and various meditation and spiritual practices. Nothing for me has been as transformative as breathwork. Rebecca makes you feel cared for, yet kicked in the butt at the same time. She has such a big heart and you see it and feel it with every interaction in her sessions. You can tell that this truly is her life’s calling and thank goodness. I’m so grateful to have found Rebecca and to claim to be her #1 fan. Keeping doing you, Rebecca!”.

Natalie Moore – LMFT

Listen up! You need to get to @DenMeditation and take a class with Rebecca Kordecki. It totally wasn’t what I was expecting but absolutely put my mind in the right place to block out some negative energy this week.  I am feeling so grateful to just be here and to the life I am living.

Jacqueline Weiss


I have been coming to the Den for a little over a year. It’s become a special place in my heart. But recently I had a breakthrough in Rebecca Kordecki’s class on a Saturday night. It’s prolific. I never expected myself to release, heal and blubber so much. I believe you find teachers, lessons when you most need them. I am humbled by how much in 2 weeks this class has moved me. 

Katie B.

I am pulled in a million different directions every minute of my life. I did not know there was something that could center me until I learned Breathwork.  I use Rebecca plus my therapist who introduced it to me.  Rebecca helps my breathwork become a journey and the way she very caringly guides me through from start to finish is absolutely amazing! I never realized how much I needed it now I don’t go a day without it! 

Jay Glazer – Fox Sports/Ballers


Breathwork Changes Everything

Clarity. Connection. Release. Love. Heart Opening.

All this and more in just one session, don’t believe it,  come breathe with RK and see for yourself!

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