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Rebecca is a transformational coach who helps people who feel paralyzed or stuck in life tap into their most alive, connected and passionate version of themselves through breathwork, fitness and mindset overhauls! Ultimately guiding them to uncover their Six Pack Hearts!

Rebecca Kordecki is the founder of The Breath Zone, RKFIT and the creator of Booty Slide, a full-body slide-based workout sold at Walmart and Kmart. She has enjoyed a very successful 26-year career as a highly sought after celebrity fitness trainer, health and wellness expert, corporate coach, writer, and motivational speaker. 

In the last five years, Rebecca added breathwork to her list of expertise and has built a wonderful following as one of the top breathwork coaches teaching people to get out of their heads and into their hearts through her teacher training certification program and ongoing breathwork classes 

She’s been featured on The Today Show, EXTRA, TruTV,, Daily and in Vogue Magazine, Men’s Health, The New York Times, InStyle, Fitness, TimeOut NY and many others.  Kordecki was recently named one of the “Women to Watch” by Strong Fitness Magazine. She has worked with numerous celebrities including Khloe Kardashian, Jim Carrey, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Raquel Welch. 

Rebecca currently lives between Nashville and LA where she is a frequent hiker, runner and jump rope badass!

rebecca on stage

Talking Points:

  • Uncover Your Six Pack Heart: what creates “heart fog” and finding the tools to bring clarity, movement and peace into your life.
  • Stand On Your Story, not in it: Why it IS possible to rise up after trauma and how to leave a positive legacy behind and infuse strength into others. “Out of my pain, I spin my gold.”
  • Breathing into happy: How breathwork tunes your heart into an elevated frequency and is the ultimate clarifier and connector back to your heart.
  • Stronger, Sexier and More Soulful beyond 40: Reminding women that 50 is the new 40 through her up-leveling your life program Body and Soul Badasserie!
  • Flip Your Switch: Rebecca’s FYS program of empowerment, self-care and mindfulness “tools” equips at-risk youth and their families with tools and strategies to deal with anxiety, stress, bullying and other limiting feelings. 
  • Empower your inner athlete or Strengthen your fitness through breath: - How to use breathwork to become the ultimate weekend warrior or elevated professional athlete.

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Causes and foundations Rebecca cares deeply about supporting and giving to:

✅ Foster care and adoptions foundations

✅ At-risk youth foundations 

✅ Youth Suicide

✅ Addiction and Recovery