What exactly is breathwork?

The style of breathwork I teach is called Pranayama circular breathing and is a wonderful modality that allows participants to get out of their heads and into their hearts and spirits through focus on the breath.

For many people breathwork offers easier access to the sense of clarity and calm that is available through meditation but unfortunately, not everyone is able to quiet the “monkey mind” to get to that beautiful place.

I like to think of breathwork as the “gateway drug” to meditation.

In most cases breathwork leaves people feeling lighter, less stressed, clearer on life decisions and often many people experience a full cathartic release.

Additionally, participants leave with a new modality to use anytime, anywhere to center and ground themselves when life gets overwhelming.

How should I prepare for my first breathwork class?

The Physical:

It’s preferable to do breathwork on an empty stomach so plan to have your last meal 2-3 hours prior to your class.

Arrive at least 10 minutes early so you can get yourself situated and settled in to allow for the fullest experience possible.

Bring water and wear loose clothing especially around your stomach area.

If you are a person who tends to get chilly please bring your own blanket because when the class is full there is a chance the studio will run out of blankets.

The Emotional:

Come with an open mind and heart and with zero expectations based on what you’ve heard can happen during the breathwork session and instead go with the flow as the class unfolds.

The Mental:

Try to check your brain at the door. Your brain will try to keep you from going deep and will do it’s best job at blocking you from having an “experience”.

What happens if I feel like I am freaking out during the class, my friend said they got anxious and cramped up etc.?

As your teacher and coach during the breathwork session I am trained in how to manage various physical and emotional situations that can come up for you during the session.

I will always have my eyes on all of you and will be ready to come assist you immediately should something come up.

Additionally, the fastest way to regulate your body and energy back to normal is to simply go back to regularly paced nose/mouth breathing.  All of this information will be covered at the start of the breathwork class as well.

I’ve heard there are lots of people crying and having various emotional releases during class, is this true?

Yes, the style of breathwork we will practice has a tendency to create an opening for an emotional release to occur and happens in every class to various people.

Please remember that we are all doing this work to feel better, more alive, less stressed, relieve painful past experiences etc. so if this is happening during the session to someone near you consider it a win and know that good things are happening.

Try to stay on you and your experience.

What should I do if my emotions are raw when I the breathwork class is over?

Always, always be gentle with yourself as you getting ready to leave the studio.  Never rush up and out of the studio, take your time getting up and if you need to sit and chill in the studio for an extra 15-30 minutes before getting in your car to leave please do that.

Journaling about what came up for you during class can be helpful as can calling a special friend and sharing or simply getting support once home.

Also, I am always available right after class to chat and give you support or ideas if you feel overwhelmed by the emotions that came up.  And remember, go back to your breathing – inhale in through the nose and slow steady out through the mouth for calming you after the session.

I loved your playlist, where can I get the music from tonight’s class?

Sign up for my Email newsletter to get regular weekly playlist and be notified of upcoming workshops or new classes I am teaching around town and follow me on Spotify to grab already public playlists there.

I loved what you read at the end of class where can I get a copy of that?

Send an email to

Do you offer private breathwork sessions?

Absolutely, if interested send me an email to and I will tell you how it works etc.

How can I keep practicing more than once a week now that I discovered this amazing tool?

It’s simple really.  Create a playlist of music that moves you, set up a comfortable, cozy space in your home that you can dedicate to breathwork and meditation.

Grab a mat, blanket and your music and make it a morning ritual.  Even 10-20 minutes every morning can be beneficial.

Remember:  open your mouth – take in a big, deep, full belly breath…fill it up, take in a second big breath into your chest, then softly, gently release it out your mouth.

Keep the breath circular and flowing.  No stop and the top or bottom of the cycle of breaths.  Don’t force the exhale.

Stay on it, go after every breath like your life depends on it. Because if you want to change and shift bad enough…IT DOES. Enjoy and happy SHIFTING.

I don’t live in Los Angeles can I still work with you?

Absolutely, Rebecca has a virtual fitness training and diet program option available and you can check it out here.

Do you design nutrition and diet plans also?

Yes, check out Rebecca’s online or in person virtual diet program option here.

I don’t have a gym I belong to can you give me a workout program I can do at home?

Yes, in fact, my specialty is working with clients with whatever they have in their home.  Usually, in my one on one private sessions, I will bring extra gear for the training session but typically all you need to start an exercise program is a couple sets of dumbbells, some resistance bands, and either a bench or a swiss ball or both if it’s in your budget.

I saw somewhere that you work with kids but I don’t see any info on your website about it?  

Yes, I work with families and kids to help educate how to have a healthy balance with food, moving the body and family time. I do also work with kids upon special request. I typically just focus on keeping them moving using functional games and sports unless it is an older child who may need to start using weight training for their sport etc.
Where do your wellness retreats take place?
My wellness and fitness retreats are in various locations like Costa Rica, Tulum, Turks and Caicos, St. Barths. It depends on what time of year as well as the focus of the retreat which helps us determine which location is most appropriate for the retreat.
I noticed you have worked with professional athletes for sports massage but do you also do regular massage for the average non-sports professional?

Yes, I have been a licensed massage therapist for 17 years and I work with so many different types of people. It just so happens that in the last few years I have been getting more known for doing great massage therapy work with professional athletes but I enjoy working with everyone.


What is Booty Slide?

Glad you asked, it’s not like any other class you’ve done before.

No, it’s not Reebok Slide, it’s not Gliding – although there are some similar moves – Booty Slide was created in 2007 by Rebecca Kordecki and is a technique combining movements and positions – all done using your own body weight in conjunction with using the floor as your resistance.

The Booty Slide Program is done barefoot with only the Bootie on your foot. From the minute you put on the Bootie you engage your core and force stabilizing muscles into play.  Additionally, all 5 positions of Booty Slide work multiple muscles of both the upper and lower body.

There is a strong emphasis on the butt muscles as well as well as the legs. The beauty of sliding while we train the body is that there is ZERO impact on your joints and ligaments with an excellent opportunity to lift, shape and firm any sagging or lagging area you may have!

The class is more intense than it looks and you can burn up to 750 calories per session depending on how hard you work factoring in your size and weight. The list of benefits from this workout is endless.

I have Sciatica, knee pain or hip pain – can I do Booty Slide?

Yes, with a doctor’s clearance and providing you take baby steps and monitor your intensity. Booty Slide has actually been known to help heal some participants injuries over time.

We’ve had clients/students tell us taking the Booty Slide class was better than doing the physical therapy they have been prescribed and much less expensive.

What about people with hip replacements?

While each case must be treated as a unique situation and given careful analysis, Rebecca recently worked with a client who had two hip replacements surgeries on the same hip.

With a few modifications of movements and a slower tempo for each series, she completed the entire 45-minute Booty Slide class with no pain or discomfort and left smiling.

Do I have to use the Booty Slide Booties, why can’t I just wear socks?

Two reasons exist for being required as a Booty Slide certified teacher to wear our Booty Slide® Booties when you teach.

The first being the most obvious which is that a typical sock tends to stick to the floor once the foot begins to sweat and acts more like a mop than a piece of gear.

Once this happens the “sticking” effect will cause the body to stumble or stutter through the movements and either you or your client will fall or at the very least engage in improper movement patterns.

Secondly, Rebecca spent valuable hours and dollars researching the right combination of materials as well as the best-fit pattern of the bootie for the foot in each individual movement.

We feel the design of the Booty Slide Bootie is the perfect piece of “gear” to for the Booty Slide workout.

How many calories can I potentially burn doing Booty Slide?

Depending on your individual body weight and how hard you work and how long you do the workout for this number will vary. We have calculated up to 1000 calories in an hour at full intensity. The average calorie burn is around 450 – 750 per session.

I used to do Reebok Slide in the 1980’s. Isn’t this the same thing?

The only real similarity is that both classes involve sliding and that is where the similarities end. Reebok Slide was done with shoes on a “slide board” made out of fiberglass or plastic and had rubber bumpers on the ends.

It was roughly 8-10 feet long and 22” wide. Additionally, it weighed around 20 pounds. This was a workout that was mainly anaerobic in nature and involved sliding in fast, explosive lateral motions by bouncing off the bumpers at each end.

The workout is excellent for skaters, hockey players or any athlete needing to rehab a lower-body injury. The class saw a quick rise and fall because the average user reported they could not sustain the back and forth motion longer than a few minutes at a time and there were no muscles of the upper body typically involved.

The Reebok Slide still exists and today is mainly used as a sports specific training tool.

Is Booty Slide offered at any gyms currently?

We are currently exploring gyms and studios for placement of Booty Slide classes. If you do have locations you would like to see the Booty Slide classes at please send an email to us at

How portable is the Booty Slide Kit?

Currently, this exercise program is one of the lightest and most travel-friendly workouts in the market. You never need to travel with heavy tennis shoes in order to do this workout and the “gear” really is light enough and small enough to fit in a tiny handbag.